If you liked it, then you should have put an egg on it

19 August, 2020

How the humble egg can add substance to an array of meals

Oh, oh, oh. Sing along with Queen B in the kitchen while you cook up an egg to add that little ‘something something’ to your meals. The humble egg is packed with protein and healthy fats, super affordable – even for the free range and organic options, easy to cook, and of course, delicious.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use eggs to eat better with ease.

Boiled eggs: The ready when you are option

Ten minutes of work one evening can improve your eating habits all week long. Some hard boiled eggs in the fridge can mean you’ve got an ‘on the go’ snack ready to peel and eat, as well as a versatile option for adding to meals. Here’s just some of the dishes improved by the addition of a boiled egg:

  • A bowl of ramen (even if it’s actually just from a pack of two minute noodles)
  • Mix with some salad leaves, tomatoes and tin of tuna for an easy salad niçoise
  • A humble slice of toast
  • Savoury porridge, whether that’s with oats or other grains

Fried eggs: Sizzled in seconds

Whether you prefer your fried eggs sunny side up or over easy (or even over well done for the hard yolk fans out there), there’s a lot to be said for this quick and easy way to enhance your meals. Some of our favourite ways to use fried eggs include:

  • Adding an egg to stir fried noodle dishes
  • Stretching leftovers into a full and satisfying meal
  • Adding to Mexican-spiced beans for huevos rancheros
  • Plain rice + fried egg + soy sauce = simplicity but perfection

Poached eggs: The smooth operator

OK, so poached eggs might take a little bit more kitchen skills than some of the other methods. But when you slice into perfectly cooked white to reveal gently oozy yolk, it’s worth it. The secret lies in fresh eggs, a tiny splash of vinegar in the water, creating a slight whirlpool to gently lower the egg into, and holding the water temperature at a gentle simmer – never a boil.

Poached eggs are perfect for putting on top of:

  • Smoked salmon or ham – even better with some hollandaise sauce for eggs Benedict
  • Topping a soup, especially a velvety smooth vegetable soup
  • Letting a perfectly steamed vegetable like asparagus spears or broccoli florets shine, or accompanying sautéed greens like kale or spinach

Baked eggs: Almost hands off

Baked eggs are the lazy cook’s friend. Banging some eggs on top of some other food and liquid to cook unsupervised for a few mintues in the oven – how much easier can it get? Some of our favourite baked egg dishes include:

  • Shakshuka, traditionally blending capsicums and tomatoes with some Middle Eastern or North African spices into a tasty sauce to bake your eggs in (plus there’s loads of variations using green vegetables as well)
  • Pour whisked eggs over your favourite chopped up veg (leftovers from your roast are perfect), top with some cheese if you like and bake until set and golden for a simple frittata