In between bread

16 October, 2020

Where to find Chatswood’s best burgers, toasties, bagels and sandwiches

There’s something so satisfying about the perfect bread-based meal. Burgers, toasties, bagels, sandwiches and wraps are eternally popular for good reason. Then there’s all the options on types of bread: sourdough, rye, brioche, multigrain, wholemeal, standard sliced white, each with their own devotees for various reasons. This love and versatility of bread-based meals has only been highlighted in the past month by the queues at one of Chatswood’s newest food destinations, Toastie Smith at Chatswood Interchange.

Let’s take a look at what you can find there as well as other “in between bread” delights you can find around Chatswood.

Toastie heaven

So as we mentioned, just last month in August, Toastie Smith opened at Chatswood Interchange and rapidly started delighting locals with its incredible toasties, quite unlike anything else around. Favourites include:

  • The signature Eggsmith scrambled egg toastie
  • Ham & Spam with scrambled egg, cheese, ham, spam, roasted sesame slaw and honey mustard
  • Taro Breeze with taro paste, pork floss, mayo and osmanthus (yes, we had to look up osmanthus too – it’s a flower also known as sweet olive, tea olive and fragrant olive, and is traditionally used in Chinese cuisine)

As well as their delicious brioche-based toasties, Toastie Smith also has some fab smoothies as well as sodas like rose lychee, cucumber mint and house blend lemonade. Yum!

Of course, sometimes all you want is just the pure comfort of a classic cheese toastie, which you can grab at Cofi House (plus they’re only $6 – how’s that for a bargain!).

The joy of a burger

While a toastie is comfort food, there’s sometimes something a little bit decadent and indulgent about a burger. General Chao’s new burgers are no exception – they’ve got the Balinese chicken burger with sambal sauce and cheddar cheese that’s a cheeseburger like no other, and a prawn katsu burger too. Pair one with some Chao chips and you’ve got a wicked treat lunch for just over twenty bucks.

(Pssst – if these burgers sound a bit too posh for what you’re looking for, the golden arches is always a solid and reliable option. Sometimes nothing but a Big Mac, large fries and the biggest Coke you can get your hands on will do, amiright?).

Don’t forget the café classics

Sometimes, all you want is simple. Nothing flashy, just the basics done right. That’s where the options at some of Chatswood’s amazing cafes will meet your needs. Places like Locomotion Coffee with its wraps, bagels and sandwiches available for breakfast and lunch – a couple of our favourites include their breakfast burrito and mushroom roll, as well as the smoked salmon sandwich and haloumi bagel.