International Influences On Cuisine

22 January, 2020

What defines and shapes particular cuisines? We all have our go to favourites, but have you ever wondered what makes your Thai dish taste like Thai or what those key ingredients are in your favourite Italian dish? Each cuisine has its own special flavour layers, key ingredients and cooking techniques that create their international cuisine categories.

There are small and subtle differences between cuisines, however the right flavour and you’ve got a distinct taste bud explosion. Particular ingredients can be added to a simple broth to change where it comes from. You can change the origin between East to South East Asia simply by adding cinnamon and star anise to your broth. Southeast Asian dishes like Thai, tend to use rice noodles more; whereas East Asian dishes from China and Japan, go for more of a wheat based noodle such as soba noodles. Step into 1 Ton and you’ll be sure to have your Cantonese fix with their outrageously delectable wontons and soups. Add a little spice to your step with their chilli and your tastebuds will dance for joy.

Ippudo have many add on options for you to be able to add to their broths including Nori (seaweed), menma (flavoured bamboo shoots) and tomago (a flavoured boiled egg) , and they know how to construct it perfectly to compliment your broth. When comparing Asian dishes, it can be hard to pick the different flavour combos but at Malatang Funhouse, the distinct Sichuan (of the Chinese province) flavour will hit you in the nostrils and you’ll soon be able to tell the difference between bowls of soup. If you’re feeling like Thai is your jam, feast your eyes upon the Chum Tang menu. With their traditional noodle soups and Thai green curry, you’ll be asking the chef for the secret ingredient in the curry (it’s shrimp paste FYI.)

Adding certain flavours to your dish can not only change the taste, it can change the country it comes from. A few simple additions to your plate can alter your perception of where your dish comes from, creating unique flavour sensations that will excite your taste buds and have you craving your favourites over and over again.