Kids in the Kitchen

25 September, 2020

Fun ideas to get the kids cooking these school holidays

School holidays are a great time to give your kids some cooking lessons. It provides important life skills, keeps them busy, and ensures there’ll be something to eat when there’s the inevitable cry of “I’m hungry.” And the good news is that for most school aged children, there’s a lot they can do in the kitchen with just some minimal help! So let’s get cooking.

Sweet treats

Pancakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes and party food are all attractive for kids. They love to see their labour become a delicious snack in only a few minutes, and who doesn’t love licking the batter off a wooden spoon or electric beater?

Pop in to Woolworths and collect a basketful of choc chips, crystalised fruit, patty pans and coloured icing while you’re buying the butter, milk, eggs, cream, sugar and flour for your baking. And don’t forget the marshmallows and lollies to decorate!

Make a meal

In Scott Pape’s The Barefoot Investor for Families, he stresses the importance of teaching children to cook healthy (and financially reasonable) meals. It’s a way for them to contribute meaningfully to the family unit and learn valuable skills for when they leave the nest.

Everyone needs a foolproof recipe for spaghetti bolognese or vegetarian napoli and to know how to throw together a basic baked dinner. As your kids become more confident and adventurous they can start to investigate specific cuisines and more challenging techniques.

When kids want to step things up in the kitchen, take them to Asian City and let them buy all the sauces, spices and specialty foods to create a brilliant stir fry, curry or noodle dish. If they’re on a health kick, try Horn of Plenty for dried fruits, a range of nuts and superfoods which they can use to enhance their meals.

The best cookbooks for kids

Kids often need a little bit of help with cooking but, if they can read, they can follow a recipe and create amazing things in the kitchen, if they are that way inclined. Have a look at Junior Masterchef to see exactly how skilled young people can be.

Donna Hay’s For the Kids has a wide range of creative and healthy recipes for simple dinners, after-school snacks and easy desserts that kids can easily whip up. The Australian Women’s Weekly Kids Cookbook has lots of information for children about cooking techniques and equipment as well as a bunch of fun recipes for kids to make themselves.

Just as Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion is a kitchen bible for many Australian cooks, her cookbook for kids, The Cook’s Apprentice, is aimed at helping young people become more confident in the kitchen.

Where to find cooking supplies and ingredients in Chatswood

Woolworths has almost 300 recipes specifically created for kids on their website. Woolworths at Chatswood Interchange has all the cooking equipment and fresh ingredients you’ll need to help your children produce their culinary masterpieces.

Whether it’s a bundt tin, trays for the oven, a whisk or a nutribullet that you need to up your kitchen game, Woollies has it. The Japan Home Centre also sells a range of gadgets, cookware and daily use household items.