Know Your eating Utensils

6 March, 2020

As The Little Mermaid Ariel once sang….“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore, You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty! But who cares? No big deal…I want more!”Yes, there’s more to cutlery than simply a knife, spoon and fork and we’re here to educate you. Whether you’re sat at either a posh restaurant wondering what the fork that gadget is, or you’re struggling to find the right tool to dissect your delicious seafood morsel, don’t stress it because we’ve got your back babes.

What do you get when a spoon and a fork make a baby? A spork Of course! It has a spoon-like scoop with four tines (the spikey bits on a fork) and this contraption dates back to 1874! It’s a fork and spoon all in one therefor eliminating the need for two separate utensils. Commonly used in fast food restaurants, schools and even prisons!

Crab cracker
It looks a bit like a nut cracker and is designed to crack through hard shells (crab shells, lobsters etc. Turns out you don’t always need a sharp object to piece through something – a crab cracker isn’t sharp at all and looks like it belongs in a toolbox of sorts. To use, simply put the claw between the two handles and squeeze until the shell is cracked open to reveal the soft, delicious flesh inside.

Lobster pick
Used for collecting the delicate meat within the shells of crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans. These critters can be particularly tricky when trying to pick the meat out of them as usually the flesh is stringy and delicate. This tool allows you to get all that delicious meat from the joints and small cervices with relative ease. They have a long handle ending in a crescent-shaped sharp pick. Sometimes they even feature a small spoon on the opposite end for scooping purposes.

Some claim this is the cleverest utensil invention because it is essentially a spoon, a fork and a knife all in one! Basically it’s a Spork with a knife edge… invented in the 1940’s, as much as it sounds like the Ultimate Utensil… sadly their quite out dated these days. If you come across one, keep it….you never know, they could come back in fashion one day!

Ok, we know you’ve heard of this one but seriously… the fact that two sticks can be so versatile is seriously impressive! They can be used to reach deep into boiling pots, used to pick up food and deliver it to your salivating mouth or used to stir. Their like big tweezers but they come in pairs and take a little practice when first learning how to use them.

Caviar spoon
For those fortunate to be able to taste the true delicacy of delicious caviar, you’ll find it served in restaurants with a caviar spoon. Interesting fact, they’re usually made of gold, mother of pearl or wood and not metal as this could impart an undesirable taste when eaten. Who would have thought huh! These little spoons have a small shallow bowl that is either paddle shaped or oval. Perfect for dishing up those gorgeous little fishy balls onto a blini, or straight onto the back of your hand and into your mouth. Delicious Darhhh-ling!

And when all else fails and you feel like a you’re Rose sitting wide-eyed and bewildered on the Titanic trying to work out what utensil to use, then why not do as the Europeans do and use your HANDS, they’re portable, readily available and you have ten fingers to help you out with whatever dish you are diving into!