Learning to cook is going online

19 March, 2021

Our guide to some of the hottest virtual cooking classes

In 2020, life went online for lots of people. One fabulous culinary trend that emerged was virtual cooking classes, with famous chefs and restaurants getting in on the action. Will you be learning to cook with online lessons this year?

Learning in lockdown

We’ve long had Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and the passionate (and sometimes sweary) Gordon Ramsay on our screens, showing us how to create culinary masterpieces at home. In 2020, Australian favourites Maggie Beer and Neil Perry streamed cooking classes via Facebook lives. And, of course, Australian comedian, Nat’s What I Reckon, became an iso cooking show sensation with his controversial spaghetti bolognaise sauce (with milk!), ‘the crowd goes mild’ curry, and a homemade winter warmer, the ‘self pie-solation’. 

But during worldwide lockdowns people turned even more to personalised online classes. And with busy lives, we reckon this trend is going to continue. After all, cooking classes can be great, but it’s a different environment in your home kitchen to a professionally equipped environment. Live, virtual cooking classes can be a great way to get comfortable with cooking your new favourite dish in your home kitchen and learning to improvise with the equipment you have on hand!

The best online cooking classes

Whether you’re a beginner who’s never cooked a steak or you’ve developed an interest in Korean delicacies, there is an online class to meet your needs.

If you’ve always been keen to know the secret to the lightness of a French crepe or croissant, or wanted to try your hand at making your own beignets (donuts), pastry chef Simon Herfray has a virtual lesson for you. Simply sign up, invite your friends and family, then show up at the appointed time to master the skills.

Want to chat to a chef in Sri Lanka? Take a virtual class with a local and you’ll be guided step-by-step as you make a fragrant chicken curry and have the opportunity to ask questions about ingredients and techniques. 

Team building online with a virtual cooking class

Whether your team wants to learn to whip up a pavlova, stir fry seafood or create a spicy curry, there are cooking schools out there on the internet that can customise a class for you. Laugh and learn with your colleagues as you interact in a light hearted environment. Knead bread, make cakes and decorate biscuits while you bond with each other.

Online cooking classes are for kids too

Whether it’s a birthday party that has to move online or a school cooking class conducted during a lockdown, there are online classes for kids that will help them to improve their kitchen skills and offer a fun and educational session. Get your young ones to roll up their sleeves and learn to make meals for the family – they can try handmade pasta, shepherd’s pie, frittata and roasts.

Where to find fresh food and pantry ingredients in Chatswood

No matter what you’re cooking and how you’re learning, one of the first rules of cooking is to prep your ingredients before you start to cook. Make sure you have everything ready to throw into the pan at a moment’s notice. Woolworths is always stocked with fresh ingredients and pantry items to help you in your quest to become a MasterChef. Horn of Plenty also has a great supply of nuts, grains, sauces and fine ingredients to lift your dishes.

And, it’s a truth universally acknowledged, that you should only ever cook with wine that is good enough to drink. Head to BWS for a wide variety of wine, beer and liqueurs that will bring those extra elements to your cooking.