Listen up folks, Tea is Trending

10 May, 2019

That’s right, you heard us. Tea is trending big time. No longer is the thought of tea just associated with the little old lady sipping it from her floral printed bone china cup surrounded by trinkets and cats.

As it turns out tea is actually trendy, and for good reason too.

Over the years our knowledge about tea has flourished, and we are now finding there is literally a tea to assist in aiding almost every ailment. We know tea is potent in antioxidants and it’s contains some levels of caffeine but there are some crazy amazing health benefits that drinking certain types of tea and blends will give you – and its all natural!

So move over Delores Umbridge, we’ve got the lowdown on what teas you simply have to try!

PMS-y? You need rosebud tea in your life stat!

Ladies, this one’s for you! Not only does this tea look exceptionally pretty as it gently brews into a glassy pale green potion, but rosebud tea can be fantastic for fixing those annoying ‘that time of the month’ cramps. With its sweet soothing aroma and de-cramping properties, feelings of wanting to punch someone in the face will fade in no time.

Jasmine is the calm to your storm

Feeling wired, tired and irritable? Jasmine tea can help calm a busy mind and nourish the soul. Jasmine tea not only smells like heaven but may help in aiding aches and pains and calming the senses. Jasmine is the gentle reminder to stop and ‘breathe’ that we often need. It’s also rumoured to be an aphrodisiac so be sure to have some in your cupboard when inviting someone cute back to your place for a ‘late night cuppa tea’ *wink*

Its all about the Peach Blossom Babe!

Yes, it tastes and smells as divine as it sounds. Peach blossom is the tea you never knew you needed… often refered to as a ‘beauty tea’, Peach Blossom tea could help in areas such as skin care, weightloss, detoxing AND it may help with those who struggle with sleep. Insomniacs rejoice!

Silver needle tea = Wellbeing Wonder

Silver needle is part of the ‘white tea’ family which is considered the purest form of tea due it hardly being processed therefore it retains most of its caffeine and antioxidants. Commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, white may help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and is a natural bacteria and virus killer #doesethekidsinit. It’s also believed to assist in preventing cancers and protecting the immune system. This is a must have on hand come the colder months to help fight the good fight against the flu….and even more importantly MAN FLU *cringe*

Oolong to ease the itch

Oolong tea is believed to have skin healing properties. If you suffer from skin irritations such as eczema you’ll know how frustrating it can be finding a cream to soothe your itch. Start healing from the inside first by adding Oolong tea to your daily diet. Its sunshine yellow tinge and fruity flavours will have you loving Oolong long time.

Head over to Tea Journal and explore their glorious range of teas.