McHealth?! Our Favourite Healthier finds at Maccas

13 September, 2019

Everyone loves a Maccas run, its convenient and easy on those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook, and while their burgers and fries are deliciously delectable, their healthy menu selections are just about as yummy (we did say just about)! If you’re wanting a quick healthy meal then Maccas has something for the whole family!

We haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t love a good Caesar salad, and at Macca’s you can grab yourself a delicious crunchy Classic Chicken Caesar Salad or a Chicken Caesar Salad Mc Wrap to munch on the go! Fun fact – did you know that the Caesar salad was actually invented in Mexico by a man named Caesar Cardini at his restaurant after a fourth of July rush in 1924 that left his kitchen low on supplies. Talk about putting leftovers to good use!

If you’re after something to snack on when you’re on the run, McDonald’s do an awesome little Wholemeal Snack Wrap that will curb your hunger in no time. Made with a fresh wholemeal tortilla, shredded lettuce, crispy chicken and a dash of mayo, there cheap, convenient and super scrumptious! If you want something a with a little more substance in your bite, The Classic Beef McWrap is a must try! Made beef, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and is finished with a creamy Signature sauce! McMouthwatering!

And let’s not forget the kids! Sure they love their happy meals and no sane parent would ever say no to one when in the drive through #allhellwouldbreakloose But did you know you can get your kids a healthier version that comes in the same fun sized box WITH a toy – Phewf! Change things up with some yummy Grilled Chicken Bites, some grape tomatoes or apple slices and for dessert, a yummy Yoplait Petit Miam Strawberry Yoghurt!

Whether it’s something healthy you’re after or something as a treat, McDonalds has you covered!