New Year, Who Dis?

9 January, 2020

It’s 2020 and all the glasses wearing people are excited for all the perfect vision puns. We are ready to start the year with a fresh new outlook on life and after many years of attempting to keep our resolutions, we think we’re mature enough to finally keep them. Hooray!

But why do we start the year with New Year Resolutions? Well, just the same as when you get a new phone, you can start with a clean slate. It’s invigorating and you have the opportunity to leave the past behind you. There’s always the traditional resolutions of eating better, going to the gym more or being more active, or buying something big you’ve been saving for, like a house or a car. Maybe it’s your time to shine at work and to aim for a promotion you’ve been eyeing off for 6 months?

For many, 2019 was a tough year and we’re glad to see the end of it. However, let’s aim to find the positive in 2020, because that’s what we want for our new year ahead, right? Making little changes in the way you think about things can insanely change your perception on life. This year, let’s go against the grain and ditch the resolutions. To resolve something means there is a problem. You are not a problem. Now is the time to reflect and learn. Learn from past decisions and how you can turn them into a positive. Sit with your thoughts and reflect on your time ahead. Be positive in the way you pursue everything. What do you do when you get knocked off the horse? You get back on and keep trying.

We don’t need materialistic things, so many of us value time. So take time. Take time out of your day and sit to do nothing. If you’re time poor like a lot of us, multi-task and sit with your thoughts in the shower. Don’t think about all of tasks you need to complete, think about your future and how you can better yourself. Don’t listen to your friends to respond, but to actually listen.

They can sometimes be tough to keep because let’s be honest, we sometimes aim a little bit too high. Why don’t we start with being happy this year and put a positive spin on every little curve ball that is thrown our way. That’s super manageable, we think. This is your year, now go get it!