Not so Rudie nudie -Naked Bowls and Burgers

31 January, 2020

Fortunately for all involved, eating a naked bowl or burger does not consist of getting in your birthday suit at the dinner table (Unless you’re Chris Hemsworth, in which case this would most certainly be ok with us) #drool.

The term naked often refers to a dish sans carbs like bread. For example, a ‘naked’ burrito bowl is all the ingredients found in a burrito minus the tortilla wrap! This concept is especially appealing to those wanting to reduce their carb intake, without losing the flavours of the dish.

The ‘Naked’ trend seemed to coincide with the rise of the ‘Keto’ diet movement which compiles of a diet that is based around the concept of limiting carbohydrate intake (usually no more than 30 grams a day and to up the intake of healthy fats.) Whatever you wish to call it, naked bowls and burgers are trending big time and we are totally loving them! Whether you want to munch on a restaurant made naked bowl or burger, or you want to DIY your own ‘Naked’ deliciousness, here are some handy tips to remember when making your healthy nudie creations.

N – is for ‘Nutrition is Key’
Naked means nutrition. Back your Naked bowls or burgers with plenty of fresh and nutritious ingredients. Think fresh vege (green & leafy), lean protein such as chicken or fish and keep it as ‘clean’ as possible

A – is for ‘Add Flavour’
Believe it or not, health doesn’t have to taste like hell. Adding natural flavours such as garlic, ginger or chilli can instantly boost your dish without nasty flavouring additives that are often found in store brought dressings or sauces.

K – is for ‘Keto It Up’
Remember the basic ‘Keto’ keys – reduce carbs, add healthy fats such as avocado, keep portion sized when it comes to protein and remember that when you eat fewer carbs, your liver produces ketones from fat, which serve as a fuel source throughout your entire body!

E – is for ‘Easy On The Carbs’
Don’t worry, its not about total carbohydrate elimination, but make sure your Naked meals have minimal carbs and mostly veggies, protein and ‘good fats’. Swap your burger buns for delicious field mushrooms to hold your ingredients together. The beauty of the naked trend is that even when reducing carbs, you don’t have to forfeit flavour and fullness!

D– is for ‘Don’t Scrimp On Fresh Ingredients’
This one is pretty rule of thumb. Always try and buy organic ingredients, the fresher- the better for you! Head on over to Woolworths for an awesome range of fresh ingredients to create your very own naked dishes!