Oat milk: The non-dairy option you’ve been seeking?

14 August, 2020

Why oat milk is fast becoming the top pick of non-dairy alternatives

Move over soy milk. Step aside almond milk. There’s a few favourite non-dairy milk alternative on the scene, especially at cafes. Yes, oat milk has stepped into the spotlight as the new star, especially among baristas and coffee lovers. Let’s take a look at why it’s so popular and where you can grab an oat milk latte around Chatswood.

Oat milk is great for dietary restrictions

If you’re going through life with allergies and food intolerances, oat milk might well tick the boxes for you. Oat milk is:

  • Lactose free
  • Soy free
  • Nut free

However, oat milk may contain gluten. While oats are technically gluten free, they are often processed with other grains and can be cross contaminated. If you are following a gluten free diet, you may be able to source oat milk made from certified gluten free oats, but if you are coeliac, it’s probably a safer option to choose a different non-dairy option. Being made only from oats and water (and sometimes fortified with extra nutrients), oat milk is also suitable for vegans.

Oat milk has some solid nutritional credentials

Oat milk has the sustainability edge over other non-dairy milks, especially compared to almond milk. A BBC report in 2019 had oat milk rate well for its environmental impact across emissions, land use and water use. Almond milk production is actually associated with the decline of honey bee populations in the US (and for more on bees, see our other article this month on how important bees are). This is because almond farming uses lots of pesticides, which is bad news for bees. Almonds are also incredibly water-hungry, with it taking about as much water as a typical shower to produce a single glass of almond milk.

Oat milk is great for coffee

Oat milk has particularly increased in popularity among baristas. It has a less dominant flavour than soy or almond milk, which allows the flavours of the coffee to stand out more. Some brands have released barista versions of their oat milks to allow for enhanced foaming, more comparable to that achieved with cow’s milk.
Around Chatswood, there’s plenty of cafes using oat milk to whip up your next perfect latte. This includes The Steam Engine, who use the Minor Figures brand, Locomotion Coffee, and Cofi House.