Our Favourite Deli Items …because cheese & meat are a meal

13 March, 2020

You’ve had a big day adulting, your feet are aching and your belly is rumbling…hangry is fast approaching and while a glass bottle of wine is certainly calling your name, you know that a liquid dinner just ain’t gonna cut it tonight. Well, we’ve got good news for you because cheese and meat are a meal – and anyone who thinks otherwise is sorely mistaken. Grazing on a mezze platter is one of the finest things in life and guess what, we given you permission to romance yo’ fine self and knock up a platter for one with a vino chaser. Grazing plates have indeed evolved from the tooth- picked cabanossi and cheese combo (although, still damn delicious) and we’re here to share our favourite deli & mezze platter items that will be the quick and easy ‘dinner’ you’ve been dreaming of on your commute home.

Quince & Pate Will Save The Day

Quince paste is deliciously fruity and sweet and pairs perfectly with mild cheeses. Pate is equally as yummy and in our opinion is best served on lightly toasted sourdough or ciabatta bread. We love Maggie Beer’s Quince Paste (she is a pro chef after all) and as for pate, we can’t get enough of Julianne’s Kitchen Chicken & Pistachio Terrine.

Crackers & Cheese Are Sure To Please

Have a crack (see what we did there) at Woolworths Sea Salt Crackers and they are everything you want a cracker to be, crumbly, perfectly seasoned and a decent size to fit all your delectable toppings on. When it comes to cheese, we all have our favourites but if you want a sure winner you simply can’t go past a block of creamy and bitey Mersey Valley Original Vintage Cheese.

Nothing Beats Delicious Meats

From prosciutto to salami, there’s nothing quite like layering on a flavoursome ribbon of deli meat on top of your crackers & cheese. Some are salty, some are spicy but whatever meat you choose be sure to get it freshly cut in the deli section for optimum enjoyment.

Artichokes & Olives And Sundried Tomatoes, Oh My!

A mezze platter just wouldn’t be quite right without some mouth-watering pickled or marinated vege. Artichokes are slightly sweet but tart making them perfect to cut through super creamy cheeses and dips, while sundried tomatoes add a gorgeous sweet and almost caramelised flavour to anything they touch. And olives, well they’re simply a must for any mezze plate.

So, there you have it. You have our permission to head straight to Woolworths after work and knock up a delicious grazing board for dinner, because life’s too short to have to cook every night!