Our Favourite Seasonal Veggies ATM

29 August, 2019

We all know that eating veggies is good for our overall health but have you ever wondered why we’re often encouraged to eat veggies that are in season? Eating vegetables that are in season is best for our health as seasonal veg isn’t processed or shipped from long distances meaning they are fresh, and the fresher the better. Processed vegetables often means that they’re not as nutritionally beneficial as the fresh stuff.

Its common practice that any good chef will base his menu around what produce is in season at the time – makes sense right? Vegetables that grow beneath or close to the ground are common winter veggies such as potatoes, pumpkin, most root vegetables, cauliflower, cabbage and some Asian greens. Nature is amazing isn’t it! Did you know that in the colder months, our bodies are typically lower in vitamin D (produced by the sun) than in the hotter months. Low serotonin levels mean stronger carbohydrate cravings and one way to increase serotonin is through what we eat. Typically, winter veggies are higher in carbohydrates which means that the earth provides us with seasonal produce aligns with exactly what our bodies crave / need during the colder climate. *Mind. Blown*

With this in mind, as well as the obvious sustainability that comes from eating seasonally, you can enjoy some of our winter favourites guilt free knowing that A. your body will love
you for it and B. it’s ethical eating! One of our most favourite winter warming dishes featuring potato is Malaysian Lamb Curry. The beautiful rich aromas of chilli, lemon grass, ginger, soy, garlic and lime leaves smells utterly intoxicating. Pair this with succulent chucks of slow cooked lamb and potato in coconut milk and you have yourself one delicious and truly satisfying meal. The sauce thickens as its cooked and turns into an exotic ‘gravy-like- sauce which envelops its lamb and potato accompaniments and tastes like a exotic heaven on a plate. What better way to treat yourself than a night off cooking on a cold winters night. Head on over to District Dining and have the masters of Malaysian cuisine, Ya-Malaysia and get the pros to cook this divine dish for you in.

Nikmati! (Enjoy)