Perfecting Your Pantry Staples

6 September, 2019

Do you always purchase certain items from the supermarket every time you hit the stores, only to realise you already have 4 of them at home? Yeah, me either. But when it comes down to crunch time and you can’t afford uber eats, you look in your cupboard to see those 4 bottles of tomato paste staring back at you like you can totally make something out of them. As Mrs. Doubtfire would say, help is on the way, dear! What are the best pantry staples according to a chef? We’ve done the hard work and asked one for you!

To start with, you’ve got your classic pantry items like pasta, rice, potatoes, flour, garlic and oil. These items are completely classic and in cupboards all around. They’re handy to have on hand at any time you need to whip up something that won’t break your wallet. Obviously added with a couple of left-over veggies we know are at the bottom of your crisper
that you’ve forgotten about but desperately need to use up, you can create a feast to munch on a budget. Rice and pasta are a favourite in our cupboard. They’re extremely budget
friendly and add filling to whatever dish you decide to master is a money saving dish you can feed the whole fam. Mix butter, flour, milk and cheese together and you’ve got yourself a tasty bechamel sauce to mix with pasta for a delicious quick and easy pasta dish. But what else is there? Well, according to our chef friend, you can’t never have enough salt, pepper and paprika! It turns every dish from drab to fab with the shake of a wrist. If you also always keep canned tomatoes, beans, chickpeas (or whatever is on your favourites list) it’s easy to whip anything up.

Now please excuse us while we go and check what’s in our cupboard so we can trial making something tasty with staples.