Pimp up your kitchen kit

19 July, 2019

If you love cooking and are constantly thinking about meshing flavours together, then you need a good kitchen and even better kitchen utensils. Not having enough utensils or just old ones that don’t even do the right job anymore, can turn your cooking hobby into a cooking nightmare. Chefs are prolific for having expensive and ridiculously sharp knives. But you don’t necessarily have to spend the dough to make the dough. If you’re feeling like the next Gordon Ramsey and you think it’s time to pimp up your kitchen draws, then you’ve come to the right place.

A spatula is a spatula and if you want to spend a bucket load of money for a top of the line utensil that looks like it has been dragged through 24 carat gold, then fair play to you. We’re after the more affordable variety that can easily stir our Asian spag bol while sipping on a glass of red. Step into Zap Variety and your eyes will light up like a kid in a candy shop. This shop really does have it all. Zap Variety is every cooking lover’s dream. Cooking utensils, pots and pans, bamboo steaming baskets to your hearts delight. And all for the most affordable prices we’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking for the more high-end kitchenware, don’t walk past Japan Home Centre without popping your head in. With its divine and colourful kitchenware, we are in absolute kitchen heaven. If you can’t cook, at least it will look like you can with your fancy utensils. It’s quite simple to pimp out your utensil draw when you know where to shop. You can browse the aisles while pretending to be a chef for an hour. Whether it be Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver.