Pimp your roast lamb

15 May, 2020

All the tips to take your Sunday roast to new heights

A roast leg of lamb is an Australian classic. At tables around the country, it’s a much-loved favourite. Those of you who remember the 80s might even recall that Mum’s lamb roast won out over a date with Tom Cruise! As roast lamb lovers, we were excited to find out that there’s even a day dedicated to celebrating this dish. Yes, 7 May is Roast Leg of Lamb Day! OK, so it’s American, but we’ll take the excuse to celebrate here over the winter months too.

But sometimes, even for us dedicated fans, a straight-up lamb roast can feel a little bit too retro. So we’ve found some great ways to pimp your roast lamb so that you don’t feel like you’re eating at Nanna’s house. With a few simple tricks, you can wow your friends and family with the best roast lamb ever.

Pimping strategy #1 – spice it up

Take your lamb out of the suburbs and out into the world. With some simple spice mixtures, you can internationalise your roast lamb. Ideas include:

  • Moroccan spiced lamb: Make your own blend of spices or just cheat and use a mix like ras-el-hanout to bring the flavours of North Africa
  • Indian spiced lamb: Blend cumin, turmeric, chilli and fennel seeds with yoghurt (or combine a ready-made curry paste and yogurt)
  • Greek lamb: Oregano, garlic and lots of lemon can have you feeling like you’re facing the Aegean sea in no time

Pimping strategy #2 – get stuffed

Ask your butcher to bone out your leg of lamb, or follow Jill Dupleix’s method of slashing the meat to the bone repeatedly to create steaks. Then stuff your lamb for a massive flavour boost. Blend breadcrumbs with fresh herbs and things like nuts and dried fruits for a different spin on your roast.

Pimping strategy #3 – mix up the sides

We love roast potatoes as much as anyone, but sometimes the standard meat and three veg is a bit dull. An easy way to jazz up your roast lamb and make it feel different is by changing up what you have it with. How about instead of spuds and steamed greens, you ring the changes with a mix of salads? Or keep the lamb simple with just some salt and pepper to season and big up your veggies with some exciting dressings? Or try some different sauces. Mint sauce has always been a classic, but there’s loads of ideas you can try like garlicky yogurt, thinned tahini, pomegranate molasses mixed with olive oil and so many other options.