Put A Spring In Your Step With These Light Snacks

4 October, 2019

The time has come to put down the comfort food that we crave in winter and start thinking about lighter options. And while ‘snack’ isn’t a bad word, it’s important that we choose light options so we aren’t weighed down during our busy days. After all no one likes returning to the office feeling tired and sluggish with long hours before its home time. We’ve found some great light snack options that you can pick and choose from and they’re all readily available under the one roof!

Fruit Smoothie
This is one beverage that will certainly fill the nooks of your tummy until meal time. Made with milk (or a vegan milk substitute) fruit smoothies are not only a great snack, but a healthy one too. Not only are these creamy concoctions filling and super delicious, but you can add energy boosting supplements and fruits to them to help keep those peepers awake and your brain alert. Smoothies made with banana make for a great energy booster and bonus, they’re completely portable in a cup with a straw so you can sip on the go! Try a delicious classic fruit smoothie over at Stone & Peel and add a Raw Energy supplement to give your brainpower a boost!

Rice Paper Rolls
Rice paper rolls are totally the ‘new sushi’ right now, and it’s a good reason why these little rolls of goodness make for a scrumptious snack. Packed with veggies and protein, you’ll settle those Snack Monster cravings in no time. They’re full of crunch with flavours that pack a punch. Grab a trio (3 per serve) over at Saigon Rolls, where they’re made fresh and available in a great selection of yummy flavours.

‘Baby’ Sushi & Cup of Miso Soup
Have you ever tried to trick your brain and your stomach into believing that the snack you’re eating is actually bigger and more filling than it actually is? Yeh, neither have we *wink* Instead of snacking on a traditional size sushi roll, why not trick your brain with a pack of ‘baby sushi’! There’s lots of mini pieces of sushi within the pack yet the total equals around the size of a big one. Brilliant right! Graze on a pack of baby aka mini sushi and why not try a few sips of soothing miso soup to follow. Try a pack of cute little mini sushi’s over at Akira Sushi.

Multigrain Snack Wrap
When fruits and nuts just won’t cut it (although these are a great snack too)you’ll need something a little more substantial to get you through that snack attack. Head on over to McDonalds and grab yourself one of their munchable Multigrain Snack Wraps made with a multigrain tortilla, lettuce, chicken and a dash of mayo. This is a wrap that can easily be eaten one handed – winning!