Quirky Cold Caffeine hits for the warmer months

11 October, 2019

As the Spring months are well and truely setting in and jeans are being pushed to the back of the wardrobe, hot coffee is becoming more of a distant memory. We’re feeling like it’s time for some cold caffeine. Coffee consumption is an absolute must when you need to adult day in and day out, but when it’s getting too hot for a cup of cappuccino, switch over to iced coffee to get you through the day.

Cold brew is (obviously) cold and full of decadently rich flavours. Add some ice and a dash of coconut milk for a glass of silky smooth liquid gold. You can find cold brew majority of places that sell coffee. Steam Engine sell a cup for $4.5 or head over to Cofi House for a cold brew for $6. Sip away, straight away without having to let it cool down. Caffe Cherry Bean sell a small selection of caffeinated ice drinks to take away in your keep cup. Iced long blacks are becoming more popular for the lactose intolerant but makes sure you’ve got a little mouthwash on hand as it easily stains your teeth if you drink them too often.

Getting an iced coffee isn’t just a shot of coffee with a little milk. It’s still made with love and will add a smile to your face and bounce to your step on your way to work in the morning. And, an iced coffee is completely different to an iced latte. An iced latte is made ice first, then milk, with a double shot of espresso carefully poured over the top to get the desired strength of caffeine. If you have a sweet tooth, add your sugar to the espresso and stir to let it dissolve before pouring over ice and milk.

An iced coffee is usually performed with cold brew, yielding a completely different flavour all together. Add your cold brew and desired milk and stir. As Simba said in The Lion King when he tries grubs for the first time, simple and satisfying. Hakuna Matata. Even Krispy Kreme have jumped on the iced coffee band wagon and you can order yourself a cold caffeinated drink on the go with a classic Krispy Kreme doughnut. Breakfast treat sorted!