Quirky, Kid Friendly Snacks That Won’t Break The Bank

12 April, 2019

Snacks or Snacksthhhh! We’re suckers for them! If you have little ones you’ll know just how expensive buying snacks when out and about can be. We’ve hand-picked our five favourite quirky & kid friendly snacks to try that won’t break the bank. Each of these delicious delights cost less than $5 each and bonus- you can purchase them all from the one store!

1. Ceres Organics – Organic Seaweed Original Snacks

Ok, hear us out on this one. We know that the thought of snacking on seaweed seems a bit odd, but after we tried these delicately thin and crispy sheets of goodness, we’re officially sold! Seasoned with natural sea salt, these wafery thin nori sheets are not only a superfood rich in iodine but they’re gluten free too! These also come in a mild chilli flavour which is equally as delish but with a bit of a kick!

$1.80 5g

2. Meiji – Yan Yan Snacks Assorted Flavours

Yan Yan snacks come perfectly packaged with two sections in the container. One containing crunchy biscuit sticks and the other full of a sweet flavoured ‘dip’. Think old school Nutella snacks but instead of the little plastic spoon, these have mini bread sticks that you can dip into chocolate (and various other) flavoured goodness. Perfect for little people who like sweet and / or savory snacks.

$1.90 50g

3. Savour- Spicy Broad Beans

Ignore the word ‘Spicy’ because these broad beans barely pack enough punch to tickle your tongue . They’re more so deliciously flavoured with a very mild coating of slightly salty and savory seasoning.

Warning : These are incredibly addictive, so don’t expect there to be any left shortly after opening the packet.

$1.85 100g

4. Meiji – Biscuit Hello Panda Snacks

Your kids are going to go nuts for these puffy little biscuit bites filled with a soft chocolate centre. Bonus points for coming in an oh so adorable box and printed pandas on the biscuits themselves. They’re perfect to take to the movies as an alternative to chocolate or popcorn, and the box makes for easy peasy snacking without spills or fuss.

$3.80 50g

5. Pandaroo Snacks – Jelly Fruit Mini Cups

They’re colourful, they’re sweet and they wobble! What kid doesn’t love Jelly? These jelly cups come in four different colours are the perfect size for little hands to grasp. We guarantee that slurping the jelly from the little cup is deeply satisfying (even for us adults too). FYI – they make a great treat to include in birthday party lolly bags too!

$2.10 380g (20 mini cups)

All of these scrumptious snacks are available at Woolworths.