Quiz Time! What kind of ‘date night’ diner are you?

9 August, 2019

Whether date night for you is a night out with your significant other or with a group of close friends ,we all love a good ‘date night’ (aka the excuse to go out and not have to cook). So what kind of date night diner are you? Take the quiz below to find out!

What’s the most important element for you on a date night (aside from good company)?

a. Cocktails and share plates
b. Value for money
c. Fun and quirky menu items
d. They have to have an amazing dessert menu

What’s your ideal date night setting?

a. Atmosphere is a must, you love a good cocktail and love dressing up for the occasion
b. You’re not afraid to order comfort food you crave, you love a good bargain that doesn’t compromise on flavour and portion size
c. You love trying new things & will try anything once
d. You’ve got a sweet tooth for sure and the dessert menu is the first thing you look at

What kind of cuisine floats your boat?

a. Layers of flavours, interesting ingredients & boozy beverages
b. Give me a giant bowl of pasta and a side of garlic bread and I’m happy
c. Surprise me! I’m up for anything fun and interesting
d. Let’s skip dinner and go straight for the sweet stuff


Mostly A’s
If you picked mostly A then you’re all about the atmosphere babe! General Chao oozes atmosphere with oversized artworks in cool blue hues and chilled tunes which linger in the background. At General Chaos you’ll be sure to enjoy their sophisticated yet easily pleasing dishes such as their prawn ravioli laksa which is brand new on the menu or treat your tastebuds to their exquisite pan roasted crayfish in Singapore chili sauce. Work your way through their Aussie Gin martini menu for a truly lush dining experience.

Mostly B’s
You’re all about value for money without compromising on flavour. You want a good feed thanks bang for its buck and you’re not the kind to shy away from classic dishes that mean slurping it from the bowl. Check out Stretch Italian who have $20 gnocchi night on Tuesdays with 4 gnocchi dishes to choose from or enjoy a casual beer & small pizza for just $20 on a Friday night.

Mostly C’s
You’re up for trying anything and its all about the experience and interesting menu items. Your motto is ‘Sharing is caring’ & you’re always up for trying something new. Enjoy a delicious dish of Chilli pork intestine in a hot wok at Lilong by taste of shanghai. Or head on over to Memory Tongue and be pleasantly surprised with their super-sized fried glutinous rice ball and hand cut Australian M8 wagyu ‘barbie’ meat dish which is served on an actual barbie doll – cool!

Mostly D’s
If you picked mostly D then you’re all about the dessert! Dinner is great but it’s the sweet stuff you crave most! At Pishon Patisserie & Cake Café you simply have to try their best-selling Green Tea Chiffon Cake and see what all the ‘Matcha’ madness is about right now! Or if you must share, then Snowflake Bingsoo is for you! Passion Tree has 5 flavour selections to try and trust us, you’ll want to try them all!