Race Around the World: Chatswood edition

25 September, 2020

Eat your way around the globe without leaving Chatswood

It’s no secret that Australians love to travel. We love grabbing our passport, packing a bag and jumping on a flight to a new and exciting destination. Distances, timezones and jetlag are no problem for us, with so many Australians choosing to prioritise travel with hard-saved money.

But in March 2020, so many travel plans were rapidly grounded. Leaving the country currently requires applying for an exemption to travel as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be managed.

Well, we’re all about finding the silver linings here at Chatsfood. We might not be able to jump on a plane and be eating incredible street foods 14 hours later somewhere in Seoul. But we can experience some of the world’s best and most exciting cuisines, all without leaving Chatswood. So let’s put your seat in the upright position, stow your tray table and get ready for Race Around the World: Chatswood edition!

First Stop, Asia

You’re spoilt for choice in deciding where in Asia you want to go in Chatswood. It’s no secret that the area is known for some of Sydney’s best Chinese food, and there’s plenty of Korean, Japanese, Thai and so many more as well. Some of our favourites include:

Next leg: Middle East

Right, starting to feel a bit full? Let’s hit the Silk Road over towards the Middle East and work up a new appetite. There’s so much to enjoy as you make your way across the Asian continent towards Europe, with richly spiced dishes across Central Asia, down to India and across towards where Israel, Lebanon and Turkey meet the Mediterranean Sea. Some of Chatswood’s best options include:

  • Raffis and Shuk for Middle Eastern
  • Spices of India

European stopover

Next stop on our world tour, and it’s over the Bosporus into Europe. Beer and pretzels in Germany, fine dining in France, and of course, pasta in Italy. Yep, we’re going to have no problem getting something to eat here for all the family. Destinations to pop on your itinerary include:

  • Stretch Italian for classic dishes to please everyone in your group
  • Pop down the road to Roseville for great French food at Saveur

American road trip

Feeling a bit cultured out after Europe? Ready for the simple pleasure of a burger and fries? The good old US of A is not going to disappoint. And when it comes to burgers, there’s a reason why the good old golden arches of McDonald’s is a global business success story. Put your guilt to the side and enjoy the simple pleasure of a Big Mac, large fries, and then wash it down with a Coke or if you’re really feeling decadent, a chocolate thick shake!

Final jump over the Pacific

After all that eating, it’s time for something simple for dessert to finish our round-the-world trip. Pop into Mrs Fields at Chatswood Interchange for a scoop of the Kiwi classic, New Zealand Natural’s hokey pokey ice cream.