Say No to the Flu- immunity boosters for the win!

19 July, 2019

*Sniff, Cough, Splutter* … Is it just us or are you seriously over the looming loogy your body is trying to fight at this chilly time of year? Anyone who commutes to and from work using public transport in the thick of winter knows that it only takes mealy a sneeze to scare an entire train cabin into a CONTAGIOUS ZONE! Luckily, we have the lowdown on some incredible immunity boosting ingredients that will chase your sniffles away and help you conquer your day ahead.

Even the word alone sounds utterly wholesome and soothing. Broths are often derived from bones and the nourishing nutrients they embody within their unpretentious layers. Bone Broth advocates say that the health benefits of sipping this earthy elixir can promote immune function, improve quality of sleep (sign us up!) and is believed to promote digestive health which is great since we now know health often starts with the gut.

One way to not only combat colds and flus but to aid in prevention is to take probiotics daily – especially in the cooler months where germs breed and spread rapidly. Research has shown that probiotics can support digestive health and immune function and these days there are many ways to get your daily dose. From capsules to kefir milks, Woolworths has a huge range of probiotic products to choose from. Your kids won’t even know they’re eating something that’s good for their gut with Health Lab Kids Probiotic Chocolate Coconut Bites containing 1 billion dairy free probiotics in each slice! Oh, and don’t forget to boost your furry friends immunity with Golp Dog Yoghurt (yes you read that right!). Squeeze some of this delicious doggy yoghurt over their dinner for a yummy treat packed with probiotics and calcium sans the lactose.

This bulby beauty is well known for its probable healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Said to have the ability to relieve congestion, Garlic is also known to soften aching muscles and even soothe sore throats. Luckily, within the Chatswood Interchange almost every restaurant uses this healing helper in many of their dishes. If you’re after a gorgeously garlicy dish, try Lilong by Taste of Shanghai’s succulent sizzling prawns in garlic served on a hot plate!

Aloe Vera
We know it’s great for the skin but did you know that Aloe Vera is said to have amazing natural antibiotic and anti-viral properties as a high volume of vitamins and minerals. Good news is you don’t have to suck on this sticky succulent to gain the benefits, pop on over to Stone and Peel and try their Acai Anti-Oxidant Juice made with Acai berry, banana, Thai young coconut water, coconut meat, raw immune and bee pollen, drink this elixir and you’ll feel fresh as a daisy in no time!