Scrumptious Spreads For Your Breads

12 July, 2019

Move over vegemite and honey, a new spread is in town and it plans on becoming sheriff. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous in the mornings and tired of the same old spread, we’ve got great news for you! Nut spread is ALL the rage right now and it’s not only yum in your tum, it’s also better for the waist line. Hooray!  What is nut spread, you ask? Well, nut spread is exactly that. A delectable spread made from nuts and only nuts. No extra sneaky add ons or preservatives. Obviously peanut butter has been around ever since we can remember, but more and more nuts are being blended up and put into jars for our tasting pleasure.

With health and wellbeing being their top priority, Horn of Plenty have plenty of different nut spreads for purchase. Only using top-quality nuts, Horn and Plenty are nuts above the rest with their variety of nut butters. With pure peanut butter at $6, you won’t find anything else in but peanuts. Just the way it should be! Then we’ve got hazelnut butter, cashew butter, pure walnut butter and more at $12.50, with pistachio butter at $16.50. They even deliver through their website. That’s nuts!
All nut butters are all natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and contain no added oils, sugars, salts or additives. Extremely good for you, with no nasties.

And the best part? You can recycle and reuse the jars! With an ever-evolving planet, we’ve noticed a big change revolving around waste management and recycling. Grab your nut spread, guilt free. When you’re finished eating your cashew butter, wash it out and use it as a vase to display a captivating cactus. Spread your favourite nut butter on your toast or simply add it to your smoothie for a different texture and taste. It’s the perfect all-rounder and easy to purchase for delivery through Horn of Plenty.