Seafood and Eat It

26 July, 2019

Seafood isn’t just for the mermaids among us cue *Under the sea… Under the sea* and our love for seafood has long surpassed a simple prawn or crab meat dish. Seafood literally has us diving beneath the surface to explore magical morsels, sea plants, critters and creatures and it’s no wonder with such ample sea life here in Australia that seafood is trending big time.

At first glance, menus featuring curious crustaceans and deep sea surprises, can be a little intimidating, but never fear, when you pair these intriguing ingredients with chefs that know their stuff when it comes to marine meals, you’ll ready to dive into the seafood sections with great anticipation.

Memory Tongue, the hottest ‘hot pot’ spot has an amazing array of oceanic ingredients to try such as fresh squid, abalone, fish roe and scallops all beautifully prepared to be delicately dunked into their divine range of unique hot pot broths. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous why not try their Jellyfish dish for a truly oceanic experience. Seafood & sizzling soup never sounded so good!

Speaking of soup, China Chilli are known for their scrumptious sea cucumber soup and their stir friend yabbies are an absolute must try.

If you’re a sucker for succulent sashimi, Akira Sushi serve up fabulous fresh cuts of your sashimi favourites and if you’re a salmon lover like us then their soft melt in your moth Salmon Belly Sushi is simply delicious.

Malaysian meals are always a popular go to cuisine and Ya Malaysia promises not to disappoint with their authentic and flavour packed salted egg prawn tossed with savoury duck egg yolks, chilli and curry leaves for a spicy delight with every bite.

When it comes to seafood in dishes, we know a good prawn pasta is a total crowd pleaser. At Stretch Italian, their King Prawn Pappardelle will wow your tastebuds with their house made pasta and super fresh juicy prawns, and the only thing you’ll need to add is a side of their garlic bread to mop up the goodness at the bottom of the bowl.

And, if you’ve got that hungry f-EELing (pardon the pun) then Pepper Lunch Express serve up the most delish dish with fresh eel, perfect for lunch on the run yet still packed with fresh and beautiful flavours from the sea.