Beat the munchies! Snacks To Pack In Your Beach Bag

21 November, 2019

You’ve got sunshine, sunscreen and swimmers on and another essential element that completes a blissful day at the beach is making sure you’ve packed some SNACKS! There’s nothing worse than coming out of the ocean with a grumble in your tummy only to find there’s not a snack bar in sight. And if you’re a parent, you’ll know all too well that a day at the beach without snacks never ends well. When packing sunshine specific snacks that are non-melty and easy to pack. Sure you could grab a bag of salt and vinegar chips (and we don’t knock that either), but if you’re wanting slightly healthier snacks to munch on then we’ve found some you (and the kids) will love!

Horn of Plenty have plenty of healthy and delicious snacks that will have you licking your lips reaching for the next handful. Their BBQ rice snacks and chilli toasted corn are super moreish and you won’t get the guilts of you just so happen to eat the entire bag. Or why not try their Vegetable Chips that are …wait for it…. Simply… real vegetables! They look healthy (and they are) but their equally as delish. Promise.

If you’re keen on something cooling to bring beside the seaside then Stone & Peel has the most stunning selection of freshly made snacks that will have you feeling like a health freak with first bite! Grab yourself one of their fresh juices or fruit salads for a true taste of summer bliss. Or why not take it up a notch and try one of their amazing Acai bowls for ultimate cooling relief sat in the hot summer sun.

When it comes to snacks, Woolies is a reliable source to grab ‘n’ go, but when it comes to healthy options, are there any? Heck yes there are and we’ve tried and tested our favourite three types of ‘chips’ that are on the healthy side and they’re damn delicious. Off The Eaten Path Pea & Pinto Bean Sticks come in three delicious flavours and they’re a hit with kids too! Woolworths Rice Crackers in seaweed are yummy and sweet with a touch of salt. And if you’ve never tried sweet potato chips, do yourself a favour and grab a bag of Kettle Sweet Potato Chips With Sea Salt.. they’re crispy, delicious and warning: slightly addictive!