Spice Up Your Life – Our Top Ten Spicy Dishes

13 March, 2020

Love spicy food as much as we do? Our tastebuds crave that fabulous fiery hit and our bellies long for the warmth that only spicy flavours can deliver. The thrilling magic behind the heat is capsaicin, an ingredient that is found in one of the most heavily consumed spices … all hale the chilli pepper! And if spicy foods weren’t amazing enough, eating fire breathing dishes may actually benefit your health too! Eating chilli and the likes may benefit heart health, promote weight loss, boost the metabolism, prevent sneezes, sniffles and the flu just to name a few. It’s getting hot in here and we’ve got our top ten spice sensations that you simply must try and they’re all under the one roof at Chatswood Interchange! *Warning, you may start salivating whist reading this*

Craving something slurpy and spicy to warm your cold, cold heart? How does dumplings and noodles in Hot & Sour soup sound? Made lovingly at 1Ton, this scrumptious soup is both flavoursome and filling! The soup has the perfect blend of heat and tanginess, while the noods and dumplings give gorgeous texture and flavour.

If you’re feeling a little daring and want to try something slightly quirky but still packed full of fiery flavour why not dive into China Chilli (yep, the name is a dead giveaway) and try their Braised Ox Tongue with enoki in spicy pepper oil or their beautiful boiled fish fillet with tofu pudding in chilli sauce.. both deliciously doused in fierce spicy notes that will have your tastebuds doing the happy dance.

Spice lovers, you HAVE to try General Chao’s unbelievably scrumptious handmade prawn toast served with spicy XO mayonnaise! This is prawn toast like you’ve never known before, where you can actually see the succulent prawn filling and the crunch is next level. Dip it in their XO sauce made with dried shrimp, ginger, 3 types of chilli, garlic and ham and it’s a match made in heaven! For the main course, fire things up with their Balinese Chicken dish featuring lemongrass & kaffir lime marinated free range chicken served with Balinese salsa and sweet & spicy sambal sauce.

Ippudo serves up a delightful dish called ‘karaka men’ which entails a tantalising creamy tonkatsu broth with signature secret dashi, thin wavy noodles, special spicy minced pork miso, pork belly chashu, ban sprouts, spring onions and a roasted cashew garnish…YUM! Add to that a side of Ebi Guacamole made with spicy wasabi prawn avocado dip and gyoza tortilla chips and you’ll be one happy camper that’s for sure.

Lilong by Taste Of Shanghai will curb your chili cravings fast with their succulent chicken in red chilli oil while Memory Tongue’s spicy soup base will have your sweltering in the best of ways. A somewhat DIY experience, you can add your chosen ingredients to this spicy soup base and create you very own designer hot pot (add extra chilli or Szechwan pepper for an extra kick!)

And finally, Spicy Joint does not disappoint when it comes to curbing chilli cravings. Their water boiled fish, although tame in its name promises a big, bubbling dish of fiery oil made with fried red chillies and peppercorns and is laden with beautiful slices of gently water-poached Basa that excites and delights the palette.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your next fiery fix at Chatswood Interchange!