Spotlight on Bakerie Atelier

26 March, 2021

Chatswood’s newest destination for delicious baked treats

Chatswood is blessed with some incredible bakeries. There’s the Instagram-sensation of Gram with its “so fluffy I can’t believe my eyes” souffle pancakes. The incredible custard-filled turnovers at Pafu. Gorgeous chiffon cakes like the black tea, rose and pistachio at Tea Journal. And now there’s the new kid on the block: Bakerie Atelier. 

Bakerie Atelier lifts your spirits the moment you walk past. Bright coloured cakes call your name with their siren song. The window is a rainbow of cake delight, with pinks, browns, greens and yellows all joyfully striving for your attention. You just know that succumbing to temptation is going to give you nothing but joy.

Choices include taro panna cotta, ruby sweetheart cakes and banana walnut brownies, as well as Asian-style pastries like multi-layered matcha pancakes, coconut toast and sweet potato strudels.

Swiss rolls as far as the eye can see

One of the highlights at Bakerie Atelier is the swiss rolls, with flavours unlike anywhere else in the area. Choices include:

  • Tiger cherry swiss roll
  • Tiger matcha swiss roll
  • Tiger chocolate swiss roll
  • Sultana swiss roll
  • Earl Grey swiss roll
  • Strawberry and cranberry swiss roll
  • Chocolate chip swiss roll
  • Taro porkfloss swiss roll
  • Coffee walnut swiss roll

Flavoured, flaky and filled: a new spin on croissants

But the headline attraction at Bakerie Atelier is the croissants. As everyone knows and loves, a normal croissant, with its buttery, flaky layers is a decadent treat to be savoured.

And Bakerie Atelier takes the croissants to new heights. Croissants are available in a range of flavours like Japanese melon, Earl Grey and more. There’s also traditional options like a flaky almond croissant. Or for something completely unlike anywhere else in Chatswood, try the lava cheese bamboo charcoal croissant!

Then when you take it to the counter, the Bakerie Atelier staff will pipe it full of sweet, smooth, creamy fresh custard. You can also choose flavoured fillings, like a green tea custard. Someone grab the smelling salts, I think I just fainted with sheer delight.

Have you tried Bakerie Atelier?

Let us know what your favourite pick is and what we should try next! And if you haven’t been yet, you can find Bakerie Atelier on The Concourse at Chatswood Interchange. They’re right next to Steam Engine Café and are open every day from 8am to 7pm.