Summer in Australia means barbeques. YAY!

5 February, 2021

Let’s go beyond the sausage sizzle

Summer in Sydney.

Heat. Sun. Beaches. Pools. Christmas. School holidays. Less traffic on the roads.

And barbeques. Aussies loooove their barbies.

No matter if your barbeque is a fancy catered event or you’re using a teeny tiny Weber perched on your 9th floor balcony, few can resist the allure of a sizzling summer barbeque.  While we love the ‘traditional Aussie BBQ’, gone are the days of a sausage sanga with some grilled onions and a limp garden salad on the side. The modern barbeque reflects the changing shift in Australian cuisine, with so many influences from across the globe right here in our own backyards.

So, if we can’t travel overseas this summer, we can at least let our taste buds soar!

 Tongs to the ready

Preparation is everything. Or say so the lifestyle gurus on the telly and the interwebs.

And lucky for you, just about everything you need is right on your doorstep. (At Chatsfood HQ, we love everything being right on our doorstep.)

Just remember to check the latest COVID restrictions because nobody wants to spend summer in lockdown!

Things are heating up

All the prep is done. The guests have RSVP’d. Drinks have been ordered from BWS. The playlist is waiting for you to, ummmm, hit play. It’s time to finalise the menu. And with so much to choose from, we thought we’d help get your cooking juices flowing.

The traditional Aussie BBQ

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned Aussie barbeque. Steak, snags, rissoles all sizzling away. A few salads, some bread rolls and maybe a pav for dessert. Like some of the best things in life, it’s simple, quick and easy.

Korean BBQ

If you’ve never tried Korean barbeque, you don’t know what you’re missing.  And the great news is that it’s easy to recreate some of the stunning flavours at home. You can pick up all the sauces and spices you’ll need from Asian City groceries. If your keen to dive into the world of South Korean street food, or you’re after BBQ inspo, visit the gang at Tori Korean Street Food 


BBQ’s are no longer the domain of salads. Barbequed veggies are a taste sensation. Eggplants, onions, zucchini and asparagus are just a few veggies you can barbeque to perfection.

Woolworths even have veggie packs ready to be thrown on the barbie. (We’re here for decision free summer shopping.)

Sweet treats to end the day

You’ll never go wrong with a pavlova but with stone fruits in season, why not take the opportunity to spread your culinary wings.

At Chatsfood HQ, we’re obsessed with Maggie Beer’s Honey Roasted Stone Fruit recipe. Perfect on ice cream. Or grill your mango cheeks and pineapple slices to bring out their natural sweetness.

Whatever you’re cooking, remember to wear sunscreen and sunnies. Stay cool and stay safe this summer. 

But let your creative cook soar!