Supermarket discoveries – The International Aisle

8 November, 2019

The International Isle is full of interesting and intriguing ingredients from all over the world and while at first it may be a little tricky to decide what to buy, we’ve got the low down on a few of our favs that will instantly transport your tastebuds and senses to your chosen international destination. Dive into the International aisle with us and dare to grab something from this delicious isle the next time you do a grocery shop!

Ok, can we just say that this delicious salad dressing is a serious life changer and you’ll never look back after trying it (ok, a bit dramatic but seriously). Summer is upon us and salads and summer are a beautiful romance. Why not pimp your next salad up a notch and try a good drizzle of Kewpie Salad Dressing Roasted Sesame. Pair that with crisp slaw and some crunchy fired noodles to garnish and you have yourself your new fav summer salad – you’re welcome! We all know that’s there’s that one or two times in the Aussie summer months that can get a little cold and crisp.. on those nights where it’s a bit chilly and you want to put in minimal meal prep effort, try an easy peasy Golden Curry. S&B Golden Curry Mix comes in little bricks of scrumptious sweet yet salty curry to which you simply add your chosen veggies and or meat. One pot, little effort, happy tummy.

Who doesn’t crave a good Thai dish every now and then? While takeaway Thai is appealing, you’ll win the heart of your other half by doing a delicious Thai at home… and it doesn’t have to be hard either! Marion’s Kitchen Thai Massaman Curry Cooking Kit has everything you need to get a moreish Massaman on the stove and all you have to add is veggies and meat! Or if Green Curry is more your flavour, Spice Tailor Thai Green Curry Kit is another awesome kit that you can keep in your kitchen for when those Thai cravings hit!

Want to introduce the kids to new flavours from around the globe? Why not start them off with a mild creamy Korma served with crispy pappadums to dip in the delicious sauce. Pataks Korma Simmer Sauce is the perfect family friendly sauce that will please even the fussiest of eaters. Pair that with Pataks Ready To Eat Pappadums Mini Plain Original and you’ve got yourself a winner dinner.

United Kingdom
If you’ve never had a Yorkshire Pudding dipped in gravy with your roast dinner then you honestly haven’t lived! Do as the Brits do and add these delightfully doughy yet fluffy and fuss free Yorkshires to your next traditional roast feast. Goldenfry Yorkshire Pudding Mix will give you perfect bready cups of perfection every single time. Curious to understand what the fuss is about the infamous ‘Pie & Mushy Pea’ obsession is over in the UK? Or perhaps your craving this duo from way back when… Batchelor’s Mushy Peas will have you all giddy with its green goodness to top your pie with. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Let’s go to Mex-ic-o! Make Mondays memorable with introducing ‘Mexican Monday’ on the menu. Tortillas are now made super easy for even the littlest hands to grab with Old El Paso Stand & Stuff Tortillas. Or if you’re after a super delish side dish to your Mexican feast, try Old El Paso Chili & Garlic Mexican Rice Kit for a flavour filled Mexican experience.

Bali lovers take note because Ayam- Nasi Goreng rice paste is where it’s at when your craving this authentic Balinese street style dish. The paste is packed full of moreish Malaysian flavours which will take you straight to Bali with your first bite. Or why not try some Ayam Malaysian Laksa Paste and make this super easy soupy concoction to fill you up.

So what are you waiting for? Steer your trolley down those Woolies aisles for your next foreign food fix.