Sydney Summer Food Trends for 2019

21 November, 2019

We all know that lighter dishes are always a summer hit but let’s take that one step further and give you the goss on what’s trending for Summer 2019.

Naked Bowls
Its safe to say that salads can at times have a bit of a bad rap because they’re somewhat boring (and health sometimes tastes like hell right?) but luckily some genius cottoned onto this, and behold the ‘Naked Bowl’ was born. Basically a naked bowl is everything you would have in say a burger or burrito – minus the bread! GENIUS!

Vegetarian Variations On Classics
Whether you’re a full blown vegetarian or you simply like to have a meat free day here and there, it’s safe to say that a mostly plant based diet certainly has its proven health benefits even if you do just dabble. Chefs have noticed this and have made awesome alternatives that look / taste similar to the same thing – but healthier! Veggie burgers, lettuce buns, mushrooms buns and even ‘sushi burgers’ (yes really – it’s a thing people!). These healthy alternatives have been warmly welcomed into the warmer season upon us with hopes of slimmer waste lines but with ultimate taste satisfaction.

Dishes From The Deep Dark Depths
Tentacles & Jellyfish and Fish eyes …Oh my! The ocean is becoming more and more explored right down to its blue hued depths and we’re seeing the beautiful fresh oceanic delights on our plates with more exuberance than ever. From sashimi octopus tentacles crawling on our plates to whole fish with everything still intact, scales and all… we’ve discovered a new appreciation for just how intriguing these sea creatures are and its beauty has found its way to our plates.

Magical Methodology
Traditional methods in which one creates a dish or beverage isn’t as simple as shaken, stirred, braised and baked anymore. One chefs, now wizards a whole new way in which to cook, create and serve in such a way that as though it was magic. Ever had your salad spritzed or your cocktail served with a dash of gold leaf on top? These magicians are turning meals into a mesmerising ‘showstoppers’ to entice, delight and highlight food in new creative ways.