Take your barbeque chicken to new heights

29 May, 2020

How many ways can you pimp your rotisserie chicken?

Juicy, burnished chickens twirling away on a rotisserie always get our mouths watering. And it looks like we’re not alone with 2 June every year being recognised as Rotisserie Chicken Day. Yep, a whole day of the year dedicated to rotisserie chicken, barbeque chicken, BBQ chook or whatever you like to call it.

Honestly, it’s no wonder that barbeque chickens are so popular. Widely available (we love grabbing one after work from the Woolies at Chatswood Interchange), time saving, versatile and, of course, delicious, the humble rotisserie chicken is a great option for basing an easy weeknight meal around. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways you can pimp up your BBQ chook and create some tasty meals with this convenient short cut.

Rapid ramen, fast pho and other speedy soups

Chicken noodle soup. It’s a comfort food classic for a reason. But making a great soup from scratch can take hours. (And for when you want the real deal with long-simmered broths full of flavour, why not grab something from Ippudo or Malatang Funhouse.) The good news is that a barbeque chicken can provide a fantastic short cut to a delicious bowl of steaming soup. Grab some pre-made chicken stock, add some flavourings based on the vibe you’re going for, cook up some noodles and shred your chicken – hey, presto! You can be slurping up soup in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

Super salads

Been indulging a bit too much during isolation? No, didn’t think it was just us… (but with so many delicious foods out there, we honestly don’t blame you and we don’t actually feel
guilty either.) Anyway, we digress. The point is that a barbeque chicken is a fantastic foundation for surrounding with a load of gorgeous veggies to create a delicious, nutritious and satisfying main meal salad in no time. Whether you’re into a super slaw, a quinoa-based bowl, or just something to go on top of a big bowl of leaves, a shredded chicken is like the little black dress that goes with everything.

Just add wraps

Throw a pack of wraps into your shopping basket along with your barbeque chicken and a bunch of easy, cheaty meals open up. Need something for the kids lunchboxes? Chicken and salad wrap. Looking for a fast dinner? Top a wrap with some tomato paste, shredded chicken, leftover veggies and grated cheese for a quick pizza, or make a super-fast quesadilla with shredded chicken, sliced avocado and tomato and some grated cheese in a folded in half wrap and toast in a sandwich press.

These ideas are just the beginning

There’s so many more ways to base a meal around a barbeque chicken. Mix shredded chicken with mayonnaise and add salad in a bun for a picnic lunch. Top corn chips with kidney beans, chicken, salsa and cheese for Sunday night nachos. Make a béchamel sauce  and mix through pasta for fully loaded mac and cheese. Create your own rice paper rolls to change up what’s in lunchboxes. Got a favourite idea we’ve not mentioned? Let us know.