Tea time! create Your Own Refreshing Iced Teas

29 November, 2019

Is there anything more refreshing and thirst quenching than an ice cold glass of fresh iced tea? We think not! This summer, iced tea is where it’s at and the best thing about it is that you can create the most flavoursome and super healthy iced teas that will wow your guests and go down a treat! There are a few tips and tricks to making the perfect iced tea and we’re here to guide you to creating glorious ice cold goodness!

Experiment & don’t hide its natural beauty
It’s time to line up some glass jars and experiment not only with flavours but with how the tea looks inside. You essentially want a good base colour, flavours that pair well and some flowers or fruits in it to bring out the tea and all its pretty glory. For ultimate prettiness why not use some beautiful blooms such as Black Tea with Rose or Jasmine Black Tea which not only tastes utterly heavenly but the blooms slowly swirling and tumbling between the ice cubes will make your iced tea truly opulent!

Use Good Quality Produce
Using good quality tea (preferably organic) is always the best option when making a cold brew. And, be sure not to over seep it on boiling water otherwise it could bring out unpleasant tannins which will leave a bitter aftertaste. For the perfect brew, we recommend using 1 teabag per cup of water for optimum flavour. Your water should be boiled at 80 degrees celsius and your teabags seeped for around 5 minutes.

Be Transparent
Be sure to serve you ice tea in a transparent glass pitcher for ultimate prettiness. Lots of ice, something to stir and take things one step further by serving each up in a vintage teacup or glass flute! You’ll feel like royalty when sipping these cooling teas, and its all about the presentation!

Something A Little More Cheeky
What’s better than an ice cold glass of fresh iced tea? Boozy iced tea! Add a splash of gin or vodka into the mix, turn up the tunes, soak in the sun and sip away until your hearts content! Make a virgin batch for those who aren’t drinking – and for the kids, they’ll love it!

Head on over to Tea Journal to pick up your beautiful organic top quality teas and garnishes like their Organic Rosebuds and Hibiscus flowers for a whimsical touch. For other awesome iced tea flavours, look no further than Woolworths with their Twinings ‘Infuse’ selections. With flavour combinations such as passionfruit, mango & blood orange or watermelon, strawberry & mint you’ll have a yummy iced tea mix in no time!