Thank you Very Matcha!

13 June, 2019

Over the last few years we’ve seen that various new ingredients have made their way from health food stores into our cafes and into our cups of tea and coffee! From turmeric lattes to to chai teas its clear that when it comes to a warming beverage, standard teas and coffees aren’t just the popular go to anymore.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is the powder of specially grown and processed Green Tea leaves. Unlike the leaves itself, matcha powder is often consumed by being added to hot milk giving a ‘latte’ like feel however in a pretty shade of pale green! Although coffee is rarely added to this beautiful beverage, green tea does contain levels of caffeine which means that the matcha latte could be your new bff when it comes to getting your desired morning caffeine hit!

As matcha is a product of green tea, it holds the same health properties as green tea has and may be helpful in boosting antioxidant levels. It is said that one cup of brewed matcha has more than 10 times the level of antioxidants as a cup of normal green tea if it were brewed as is.

Also high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, matcha may just be the perfect cup to help fight colds and flu in the cooler season upon us.

Not only does it boast to boost your overall health, matcha is truly a pretty cup of pale creamy green sure to be admired with every sip! While a product of green tea, matcha doesn’t taste like green tea as you know it. Matcha is a complex combination between sweet and savory and features umami (the fifth sense element) which leaves a lovely unique flavour lingering on your tongue. When mixed with milk this flavour becomes a creamy sip that will have you craving more.

Hosting a high tea soon? Why not make a fresh brew of matcha with your favourite milk and add some divine rose buds as a garnish to wow your guests with a touch of whimsical.

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We’ll drink to that thank you very matcha!