Latte art 1-0-1

2 August, 2019

It’s a bird, it’s a plane; NO! It’s coffee art. Well technically it could be a bird because swans are popular, but never mind. The hottest trend of this decade is the many forms and fine arts of coffee art. Flick your wrist the right way and you’ve got yourself a sensual looking swan, winking from deep within your cup. Get it wrong and you’ve got a blob of a mess and a crying barista. When you sit down and wrap your lips around a sweet cup of liquid gold, a pleasant surprise hits your eyes. A beautifully hand-crafted swan made purely from milk and coffee. It brightens your day and you walk out smiling and think how did they do that?! Many years of practice, and many tears and tantrums.

The Heart
The easiest and the most basic of the latte art group, the heart is pure and simply beautiful. With dollops of milk placed in a cup after coffee is poured, the heart art is crafted by pouring your desired milk in running the milk through the centre of the crème to create your desired effect. If you want to get a little bit creative and fancy, drop your milk in the cup one dollop at a time and run the line of milk through all dollops to create multiple hearts.

The Rosetta
A little more complicated but one of the most popular latte arts, the Rosetta takes time and patience. Hold your heated milk jug too far from your cup and you’ve created a cup of disaster. To master this art, hold your milk jug within 3mm of your cup and swivel your hand from side to side in a delicately slow motion. Toward the end of your milk pouring skills, start pulling the jug away from the cup and run the line of milk through the crème to construct perfection.

The Swan (Swanage)
The most complex of the group, the Swan is elegant and quite simply beautiful. The Swan is not for the faint hearted to attempt and puts you into a trance of beauty when you lay your eyes upon her. She shows no mercy and has every piece of potential to go wrong. One slight flick or swivel in the wrong direction and you’ve got yourself an ugly duckling. The swan takes precise and similar movement to the Rosetta. This time starting from the side of the cup, delicately swing your milk jug around in a circular motion with your cup and jug close. Gently start swinging your jug from side to side to create perfect crème and at the last swivel, move your jug over with your wrist on point and flick up for ultimate swan beak.

Who Started It?
Rumor has it that a US man by the name of David Schomer invented ‘latte art’ in the 1980’s. However, over in Italy, a man named Luigi Lupi had the same idea and was creating art with crème and coffee around the same time. We can’t be too sure who started the craze, but we know where to go for epic coffee art creations.