The Art of Sashimi

21 February, 2020

Ever wandered into a Japanese restaurant and noticed all the dazzling little plates of fresh fish and seafood carefully prepared and served in the most beautiful designs? Oh how our seafood loving hearts long for exquisitely prepared, ocean-fresh sashimi! In our opinion, Sashimi is one of the very best ways to experience seafood in its purest form, featuring phenomenally fresh oceanic flavours and lustrous layers of silky melt in your mouth pieces of your chosen fish or morsel. The delicacy of sashimi has truly become an artform and has reached its way over to the Western world for a reason! It’s to-die-for delicious and not to mention, beautiful to admire before devouring!

While anyone can hack into a fish or piece of seafood and simply serve it up, sashimi takes a very special kind of person to understand the its artform, create it and bring life to it in a beautifully artistic way all while enhancing its flavours with the way is cut, constructed and what condiment concoctions are served with each flavour for optimum experience. And not all sashimi is served completely raw, sashimi artisans know when to cure, sear or infuse the seafood in the perfect proportions to bring out the very best in the protein being prepared. The art of sashimi also requires in-depth understanding of what kind of flesh is being used and how to handle it based on its texture, pure form flavour and the way its prepared, sliced and served.

Sashimi dates back to the 1300’s with mixed origins from the Samurai or rural fish farming in Japan and translates as ‘pieced body’ and is understood in the English language as an ‘uncooked seafood’ delicacy. Usually thinly sliced and served with dipping sauces such as soy sauce and or/ wasabi paste, presented in beautiful designs draped over a simple garnish. There are a few important fundamentals when it comes to creating sashimi and weather you’re after a memorable restaurant experience or you want to give sashimi a try at home, here are a few key tips to follow for best results. Freshness is key, as are the right tools (super sharp knives) , technique without shaky hands and a whole lot of patience..

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