The Craft – Fine Art of Botanical Beers

31 May, 2019

Whether you enjoy a cold one at the end of a hard work day, or just a casual beer watching the footy on a Friday night, there’s something a little more sophisticated about craft beers. With hints of botanical goodness and floral hops, craft beer will certainly leave you with a hoppy ending.

What Makes It So Crafty?

Hoppity hop hops. When combined with water, malt and yeast; hops compliments the malt, giving your beer that distinctly satisfying botanical and floral craft beer flavour. And don’t even think about talking trash about how hoppy a beer is, brewers take their crafty hops very seriously. Compared to an ale, lager doesn’t contain hops, therefore doesn’t have the same distinct flowery scent.

Where Can You Buy It?

Depending if you want to take a 6-pack home on a Friday arvo, or if you’d like to go out with friends for a few after work bevy’s, there are a few places you can hop to. BWS have some of the more popular brands of pale ale, such as One Fifty Lashes, Stone & Wood, Wild Yak and Furphy. Or, if you’re in the mood for a good feed as well as a beer, head on over and impress your mates at General Chao for a Kaiju Krush or Nomad for $10. With sensual flavours that leave everyone wanting more, you can look like the posh adult you’ve always wanted to be, just because you love the craft.

Stretch Italian are another licenced venue you can get your ale fix. With a few to choose from for $9, you’ve got Young Henrys Newtowner Pale Ale, Balter XPA and Little Creatures Pale Ale.

There are lager lovers and there are botanical beer believers. Whatever tickles your tongue, you know we’ve done all the hard work of trying them out for you.