The humble hot chocolate – not so humble anymore

26 June, 2019

It’s winter time and we’re after something to warm our hands and soothe our cold bodies. Too many coffee’s in a day can seriously get the heart racing and sometimes tea just doesn’t cut it. What else is there? Hot chocolate to the rescue. Basically, a chocolate dessert in liquid form, the humble hot chocolate is going to help you get through winter.

With a milk base and (obviously) chocolate, you can create a different flavour with whatever milk you chose to add. Add coconut milk and you’ve got more of a sweet taste with a coco nutty after taste. Then we’ve got almond milk, giving an all over nut taste to the chocolate. It’s almost like a chocolate cake with almond flour base. Yum! As we said, it’s liquid dessert and what better way to start your day than with dessert. Winter is all about comfort food and comfort you shall find in a cup of hot chocolatey goodness.

Grabbing a take away hot choccy is the perfect 3pm pick me up to perk you up at the office. Pop over to Locomotion with your keep cup (while saving the turtles) and grab a hot choc to warm you up for the remainder of the day. They use 100% natural chocolate and it’s even gluten free. Added little bonus. Open from 6:30am weekdays, you can grab one on your commute to work to warm up those freezing hands.

Warm your senses over at Caffe Cherry Bean for a premium Belgian hot chocolate for $5.50. Another café open early (from 7am) to quickly pick up on your way to work.

With all these new fandangle hot drinks out now, we feel like the humble hot chocolate has been forgotten about. Don’t forget about the one drink that has been by your side since you were a child. The humble and warmingly delicious hot chocolate.