The #MeatToo Moooovment

26 June, 2019

We are a meat eating nation there’s no denying that! We have television adverts dedicated to meat! But why isn’t it always best to grab that cracker of a deal for 4 porterhouse steaks from your local supermarket where the price seems to good to be real? Why so many of us think it’s way to expensive to go to the butcher and buy our meat or even get the organic grass fed option in the supermarket?

It’s true you pay for quality! Yes it’s going to cost you a few extra bucks but at least you aren’t getting the addition of meat glue, (yes that’s a real thing). Meat glue or it’s correct name transglutaminase used to bind chunks or cuts of meat together to form one ‘new cut’ of meat. The worst thing is manufactures don’t even have to tell you when it’s been used!

Let’s talk about hormones.

I don’t know about you but there are enough in my house without having to ingest more from the meat we are eating!

This brings me to my next point, and probably the most concerning part of this topic and the one I think all meat eaters are confronted with and that is the treatment of the animals that become ‘bad meat’.

Cattle are injected with hormones to ‘improve efficiency’. This basically means they grow faster and stronger so they reach full maturity quicker so they are ready for slaughter so there is quicker turn around which of course makes more money.

We all know it’s not only cows that are subject to poor living / farming conditions. We have all seen the awful videos of chickens, lambs pigs the list goes on. As I have said we have all seen the videos that do not agree with our ethics but somehow it there’s still so many of us it hasn’t seemed to deter from buying the meat that we know there’s a very good chance that was the case.

We’re not ‘non meat-eating’ activists telling you to never eat a pork chop again… seriously, we love a good steak as much as the next carnivore. We’re simply trying to get you to ask yourself that is the extra couple of bucks spent on a good quality dish at a restaurant or a quick stop at an organic butcher on Saturday morning shop that much of a big deal? We think not.

For a taste of what real meat should taste like head on over to General Chao and chow down on their delectable MBS6+ Wagyu beef served with black garlic, fermented onion and smoked soy.