The post-iso Dry July may be just what you need

26 June, 2020

But going booze-free doesn’t have to mean missing out

Let’s face it. Isolation hasn’t been easy. Whether you’ve been in iso alone or trapped in a house with your spouse and a brood of children, a lot of people have been turning to alcohol during these troubled times. It has been a crutch, a way to sweep away the nagging fears that eat at us all when the world is in such a state of disarray, and our families are getting on our nerves. But how much is too much? Have the iso-blues caused you to overindulge? Dry July is just around the corner and it’s a great time to assess your relationship with alcohol. You know what they say; if not now, then when?

What is Dry July?

Dry July is a fundraiser that aims to help people who are affected by cancer; patients, their families and their carers. Participants sign up and pledge to abstain from alcohol for the whole month, and their workmates, friends and family can support them by sponsoring them and making a donation to the fund. You can choose to do the full 31 days or (if you have special events during this month) there are 14 and 21 day challenges too.

What are the best non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy if you’re abstaining?

Sydney local, Seana Smith, has recently released 31 Alcohol-free Drinks: How to enjoy your month off alcohol. With 15 sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages and 16 mocktail recipes for you to enjoy, there’s almost no excuse not to try and stay dry. If you want to feel like you’re still having a sophisticated drink, there’s a growing number of alcohol-free spririts, wine and beers available. A kind-of local option is Seadrift, a new northern beaches distillery that creates a non-alcoholic spirit for the adult palate, with no sugar, no calories and only natural ingredients.

Closer to Chatswood, an incredibly popular option to enjoy is bubble tea. At Cha Time you can order your preferred tea flavour then load it up with ‘bubbles’ of flavour. Popping pearls and tiny jelly squares make this refreshing tea drink fun.

Also having a moment in the spotlight in recent years is kombucha, the fermented tea drink. Kombucha is popular as a sugar-free soft drink alternative and can also be a refreshing option instead of a cold beer or glass of wine. As well as being a great tasting drink, kombucha has the added benefit of being good for our digestion and is so popular now that you can find it in all major supermarkets, including Woolworths Metro at Chatswood Interchange. Also pop in to Horn Of Plenty to see their selection.

If you’re looking for more ideas, Instagram is a great place for inspiration when you’re trying to find alternatives to alcoholic drinks. The Mindful Mocktail showcases healthy and fun concoctions to whet your whistle and there are hundreds of ideas on the platform.

Where to find non-alcoholic drinks in Chatswood

Woolworths Metro at Chatswood Interchange and the BWS have everything you need to help you stay dry this July. Shop in-store or order and have your drinks delivered such as Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits which are a great base for a ‘non-gin and tonic’ or mix with apple cider, honey and lemon for a refreshing mocktail. You can also explore the range of non-alcoholic beer and wine on the shelves.

Where can I learn more about going alcohol free?

Check out websites like Hello Sunday Morning for support to change your relationship with alcohol. The Australian Health Department also has advice for those who want to quit drinking. You can also browse the shelves at your local bookstore for a range of books where people recount their experiences such as:

Do you have a favourite non-alcoholic beverage?

Let us know some of your favourite ways to enjoy mocktails and non-alcoholics drinks in social situations.