There’s More To Woolworths Than Just Groceries!

16 August, 2019

Rushing like a mad person to get the groceries done before the kids finish school? Shopping list, Check! Reusable bags, Check! You arrive at Woolies, put the coin in the trolley and *Da Da Dummmm*…. You suddenly realise that you forgot to eat lunch and you’re now starving! There’s nothing worse than doing a grocery shop on an empty stomach. We’ve been there, and we know that you’re much more likely to buy food that you don’t necessarily need because you’re #HANGRY. You’re now surrounded by all the food that you can’t even eat until you get home and time is ticking to get the shopping done before you have to run the next errand. Just as you hear your stomach growl in despair you spot something in the distance. No, that’s not the deli…its … its… A SUSHI BAR IN WOOLIES! *happy dance* What a delight to see delicious fresh sushi being handmade by sushi chefs, meticulously made and ready to eat! Sushi Izu have partnered up with selected Woolworths stores worldwide, including Woolworths Chatswood Interchange!

Yippee! We’re smitten with their delicious variety to choose from, including their much acclaimed ‘Hybrid Sushi Range’ which includes items such as Crunchy Chicken Katsu Rolls, Ultimate Chilli Beef Teriyaki Rolls and Mango Tempura Prawn Rolls! The only thing you’ll find difficult is which one to choose! Sushi Izu are the number 1 sushi retailer in Australia and we’re very impressed. It’s not hard to see why, with their philosophy to provide healthy meal alternatives by using high quality ingredients, prepared fresh daily and packaged for convenience for those on a tight schedule. With rolls, plates, bowls and platters to choose from, you can hit the hunger spot while grabbing school snacks from the aisles. Because we know adulting can be hard, you can chomp on a sushi roll while you do your weekly shop and save time. You’ll also save money because you won’t be shopping on an empty stomach. It’s a win win. Easy and accessible, Sushi Izu is the perfect one stop sushi spot to cure your hunger when you’re struggling with time.