These Six XO Sauces Will Blow Your Mind

26 July, 2019

Sometimes it’s the condiments that actually make a dish, heightening its horizons to new levels by adding layers of flavours to make a dish truly unique. At General Chao, they have created six signature XO sauces that enhance and elevate their exquisite culinary delights and promise to transport you from the traditional to the luxurious.

If you’re wanting a truly memorable meal then General Chao’s menu features an unforgettable Australian-Asian dining experience and their XO sauce selection is no exception. Carefully complied ingredients feature in these sauces to complement certain dishes and the knowledgeable staff will always be happy to walk you through the menu and pair each sauce with their own personal preference of tried and tasted mouth-watering combinations!

These XO sauces are anything but basic and feature extravagant ingredients such as gold leaf, truffle, abalone, exotic mushrooms and sea cucumber so it’s not hard to believe why these secret XO sauces are believed to represent some of the most decadent XO sauces in the world.

While the name ‘XO sauce’ sounds like a top secret new and modern condiment, XO sauces actually date back to the 1980’s originating in Hong Kong. XO stands for ‘extra old’ referring its umami flavour profile & its high quality and luxurious smooth assets, similar to that of a fine aged cognac (although the sauce itself contains no alcohol).

The main ingredients that make the beautiful base of these sauces is usually a compilation of dried seafoods such as scallops and shrimp, chilli, garlic, oil and an award winning dried and cured type of ham called ‘Jinhua Ham’. Over time, chefs have used this flavoursome foundation to build their own unique layers creating their very own signature XO sauces to wow their diners.

General Chao has an impressive range of house made O sauces on their menu and each is designed to complement certain flavours in their dishes. Whether it’s their Classic XO you go for or their Super Premium XO, each is carefully designed to enhance your overall dining experience bringing lavish layers of complexity into each mouthful.

Their mushroom XO sauce featuring exotic shitake and oyster mushrooms adds a rich and earthy element to all that is dipped in it, and in our opinion is perfectly paired with their sweet, succulent and crunchy prawn toast (trust us, it’s a to die for combination) and their Classic XO sauce is lush to slather on almost everything on the menu.

The most complex of them all however, is their New Style Super Premium AAA Grade XO Sauce and the price is absolutely worth every cent. With beautiful high quality and opulent ingredients such as Black truffle, Tasmanian green lip abalone, premium dried scallop and shrimp, saffron, Gran Reserva Spanish Jamon and finished with gold leaf, its not hard to see why this XO sauce is the crème-dela crème and will leave you floating on cloud nine with its to die for flavours for a truly unforgettable taste explosion.

Pop on over to General Chao and get your chops around their exquisite house made XO sauces… and trust us, you’ll want to try them all!