Think Outside The Box – Creative Lunchbox Ideas

17 January, 2020

After 6 weeks off of making school lunches, it’s time to put your creative hat back on. Let’s face it, making sandwiches is super easy but toward the end of the school year,
we found many of the sandwiches left behind and binned. We hate food wastage and we obviously don’t want our kids to go hungry so let’s start the new year with a bang
and get your kids excited to open up their lunch box. Now, if you’re anything like us, it’s probably time to go and check your kids school bags for their lunch boxes because the last day of school came and went and we know those bags were tossed to the curb with glee. Maybe just throw the lunch box away. Go to Woolworths, grab a new lunchbox and start again.

We know we said sandwiches are totally 2019, but if you’ve got a cool cookie cutter, you can turn a boring sandwich into a whimsical star or roaring dinosaur. It’s quick and easy and you can eat the leftover bits for breakfast. Adding a dip like hummus or tzatziki to a lunch box can be a creative way to get your kids to eat their chopped up veggies. It entices kids to dip and crunch while getting those healthy vitamins in them without any fuss.

A great lunchbox idea are quesadillas. Quickly cook them up before school for them to dip into the tzatziki. It’s super quick and easy with only 2 ingredients – cheese and wraps. Why not create an entire Mexican feast for their lunch box? You can include corn chips, guacamole, quesadillas and cherry tomatoes. Your kids friends will look on in envy.

A miniature cheese platter works wonders for kids. Their eyes will light up when they see what’s in store for today! Get creative and add a couple of different cheeses, with salami, grapes and crackers for optimum deliciousness. Make sure you include an ice pack for this one, no one likes hot sweaty cheese. There’s so many different ways to be creative with a kids lunchbox. Think about what you eat for lunch some days and try and imitate that. Now, go and create magic!