Try these different types of fab flour alternatives

6 March, 2020

It seems as though every man and his perfectly groomed dog is jumping on the health bandwagon. Whether it’s simply to nourish your body that is your temple, or you secretly just want to look totes Insta-worthy with your new ‘alternative’ ingredients when baking… alternative types of flour is trending big time. So what’s all the fuss about? Flour isn’t the most exciting ingredient BUT it is used in a whole range of baked goods and is often the foundation of a mix that you simply can’t leave out.

The thing is, plain refined flour actually provides no nutritional benefit to your body. So if you want to have your cake and eat it too then you should consider switching things up with one of these healthier alternatives.

Coconut Flour
It’s basically dried coconut pulp that has then been ground into a soft power-like ‘flour’ consistency. Its full of fibre, contains protein, is low GI and its way more digestible than the refined stuff.

Almond Flour
This flour is made by blanching almonds and then finely grinding them. It contains vitamin E and healthy fats and fibre. You could use this instead of breadcrumbs in recipes too and it’s great to be used in dense baking (think delicious mouth watering brownies).

Brown Rice Flour
This flour alternative is great as its high in B vitamins, fibre, iron and manganese (the mineral that helps with connective tissues and bones). Its not strong in flavour either making it an easy swap from the refined stuff.