Tutti Frutti Teas To Tantalise Your Tastebuds

12 July, 2019

Step into a world of fruity goodness this winter with a selection of hot teas to touch every tastebud to keep you warm. Having a cup of tea is not just about drinking tea, it’s also about inviting a friend out and sitting down to have a chat, tea is just the excuse to take a break. Chatime have absolutely made the correct decision to make all of their fruity teas served either hot or cold. If you’re a fruity tea lover all year round but don’t want a hot drink in the dead of summer, Chatime have got your back. With their limited edition hot fruity teas, give your taste buds a little treat this winter.

A range of flavours to keep you hydrated for days, we can’t decide which tea to start with. Blueberry Fruity Tea, Apple Fruity Tea, Mango Fruity Tea, Lychee Fruity Tea; we don’t know where to start. Choosing a green or black tea base, you can create your own unique taste to sip on. So many choices, we know. But trust us when we say that once you find your perfect exclusive flavour, you’ll keep coming back for more. If you like fruity teas but can’t handle it too sweet, at Chatime you can choose the ratio of sugar to tea in your drink. Also, if you order your tea cold, there are a range of condiments to add to your fruity concoction; like popping pearls or jelly cubes, among other bally delights to turn your tea from bla to Cha. Tea doesn’t have to be just for grown-ups. These types of teas are just as divine for kids. With the popping pearls bursting in their little mouths, this will be one tea experience to remember.