Unique Ice cream Combos to cool down the summer sizzle

21 November, 2019

With the mercury dial’s hitting hot hot hot we’ve been finding ourselves hitting the streets for that sweet (sometimes sour) but most importantly ice-cold creamy quick treat. And let’s face it, things have come a long way from the vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream combinations of our childhood and that’s all thanks to a bit of science.
Here’s the low down. *Cue Heston, who uses this technique to stunning effects.

Nitrogen gas, which liquefies at an extremely low temperature, freezes ingredients, like cream on contact. Okay enough of that Hest, what’s “important” say the team at Celsius, the interchanges very own retro whole-in-the-wall gelato experience “is that the faster you freeze ice cream the smaller the ice crystals and thus the smoother the texture”. And we have to agree. Dreamy creamy cold & quick, the perfect fix for those long summer days.

Here’s our top 5 combo’s you have to try to believe, you’re welcome – stay cool!

1. Homer Donut (wait for it) all the taste of Homers favourite Donut flavours. It’s cinnamon donut gelato with sugared croutons and optional candied Bacon, chill your soul The Simpsons style into a blissful zen.

2. Rum & Raisin, a sophisticated classic made with Rum milk gelato with rum infused raisins and here’s the twist, it’s mixed with danish butter cookies. Happy hour every hour when this bad boy hits your taste buds.

3. Berry Crazy, for those that like a tangier sensation, the team mix lemon curd strawberry & raspberry for that slightly tart but refreshing burst of fruity refreshing flavour.

4. Celsius Merry Xmas, for those who wanted to get their Chrissy trees up in October this taste of the festive season is sure to satisfy right through to when the big guy arrives.

5. Celsius Popsicles, for those in a mega rush, grab and run a handy popsicle whilst you’re on the go – there’s no need to miss out.

The team at Celsius make everything from scratch using fresh local produce and seasonal ingredients, yes yes, you heard us seasonal ice cream flavours! And the clincher for us, with Nitrogen being 78% of our atmosphere you are helping out the planet! It’s a win win.