Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Beans

17 May, 2019

“But first, Coffee.”

For us coffee lovers, coffee is the elixir of life. Coffee is what unicorn tears would taste like. Coffee is the liquid hug we need to start our day.

For those of us who are blessed *note sarcasm* with super early morning starts each day know the deep desire and desperation to Find. Coffee. Fast. before having to adult. The commute to work is a desperately sad journey without a good cup of coffee in hand.

So what it is about coffee that we love so much?

The caffeine hit – duh – it’s a legal drug in a mug and we’re crazy for it. The caffeine in our coffee is full of natural stimulants including dopamine, serotonin, cortisol and those oh so lovely endorphins that turn our frowns upside down. The build-up of a chemical that our bodies produce called adenosine is what makes us sleepy, but caffeine actually blocks these sleepy effects from our brains which is why coffee has been crowned Queen of our morning routines.

Coffee blends are similar to fine wines. The process from crop to filling our cups is truly worth an applause, and with the huge variety of blends available, its not hard to see why this drink is so lovable. It brings us together, it warms the soul, it gently cradles us into the day ahead with each re assuring sip whispering ‘You got this babe!’.

Each of these hugs in a mug are personalised to suit not only our palettes but our personal preferences. Some like it hot, some like it over ice, some like it tall and dark and others prefer a short shot of it. No matter how you choose to down your daily dose, its no surprise that according to research coffee is the most popular drink consumed globally with over 400 billions cups consumed each year.

According to the national institutes of health, studies show that people get more antioxidants from coffee than they do from fruit and veges combined and it boosts our metabolic rate which is why caffeine is found in almost every fat-burning dietary product. What’s not to love!

Oh, and one of our favourite things about coffee is that golden little lie we’ve all told when making small talk with an acquaintance “we should catch up for a coffee soon!’ – said everyone ever trying to avoid actual human interaction. Yes the coffee ‘catch up’ line is the perfect politically correct way to say ‘let’s catch up… (not!)’

If your day starts at the crack of dawn, Mrs Fields, Cofi House and Steam Engine all open before 6:30am so you can be fine in line to get the caffeine hit you crave.