We’re Going Nuts For Coconuts

19 September, 2019

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are a standing in a row. We bet you sang you that in your head, didn’t you? Coconuts are such a versatile and interesting fruit. You can crack it open and drink its water, you can make coconut milk or cream out of them, and there is also coconut sugar; a healthy alternative to refined sugar. The list goes on, coconut flakes for a snack or to add atop a smoothie bowl, coconut flour as an alternative for people with a gluten intolerance. It’s the crème de la crème of the fruit world. It does everything!

Coconuts are one of the main things that kept Tom Hanks’ character alive in the movie Castaway and they are literally falling from trees in the tropics. They are delicious and can be used in many different ways, you can even add it to your cocktails.

This meal is one of the most delicious things to put in your face hole. Coconut milk being the star of this dish, it is consumed with a smile across your face. You can find a coconutty laksa at 1Ton, Ya Malaysia and Chum Tang, and with chicken, egg noodles, veggies and tofu; the dish would be nothing without coconuts. I mean, yes, it would still be yum without the coconut milk but add it in and you’ve got yourself a slurpalicious dish fit for a sit-down lunch.

You cannot go past Ya Malaysia without the aroma of curry hitting your nostrils. The smell alone will make your legs wander in and sit down to order before you realise what’s happened. Coconut again being the star of the dish in curries, with epic herbs and spices to master the dish.

Get your coconut tastebuds into General Chao for a cocktail called Runaway to Kokomo. With coconut washed banana spiced rum as part of the exotic explosion that happens in your mouth, this is one coconut drink you will not soon forget.

Obviously we could tell you how amazing coconuts are but why don’t you come and try the variations of this delicious flavour for yourself.