We’re Loving Asian-Style Breakfasts

7 June, 2019

With breakfast allegedly being the most important meal of our day boosting our metabolism and giving us the full we need to function, it’s no surprise that when it comes to waking our bodies up with food, breakfast globally is kind of a big deal. Breakfast doesn’t just come in the form of toast and cereals, and for some nationalities, what looks like dinner to us is in fact breakfast to them!

We’ve got the low down on what Asian-style breakfast staples and dishes are a total must try the next time you’re on the hunt for a delicious breaky feed.


Ok so, the concept of these foreign breakfasts aren’t completely foreign to us westerners. Eggs are a typical breakfast item here and as it turns out, the Chinese love them too! Their versatility has been stretched even further in the Chinese cuisine with a dish called Jiānbĭn – Basically, its something between a crepe and a pancake and an omelette which is then filled with deliciousness like beef or pork, shallots and other yummy ingredients. You’ll fall in love with these perfectly packed eggy pockets of goodness that will have your belly content in no time.

Congee – Rice porridge

Congee is basically ‘rice porridge’ and sounds perfect for the colder months that are upon us. Change up your typical porridge with honey routine and opt for a nourishing bowl of warm congee topped with savory flavours. This creamy ‘porridge’ dish sure gives those three bears a run for their money!


Rice, Miso & Fermented Vegetables

While we’re on the warmth elements of breakfast, why not do as the Japanese do and delight in a bowl of soothing miso soup with added rice and fermented veggies. In Asian culture they believe that ‘warm’ foods are a perfect way to gently wake the body up and get the metabolism going. By adding fermented veggies to your rice & miso mix you’re gut will love you for the good gut health that ferments provide. And, if that wasn’t convincing enough to try this creative concoction, according to legend, Miso was said to be a gift from the Gods to ensure humanity’s health, longevity and overall happiness.

Bottoms up is all we can say to that!

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