What exactly is Moirawase?

25 October, 2019

No, no… not mayonnaise ….. Moirawase.

Yes it’s a word that simply means a platter or assortment and is specifically used in the Japanese language. Moirawase is often a term used when ordering specific dishes aka. Sashimi Moirawase or Tempura Moirawase. But why not just ask for a platter of sashimi’? Turns out, when using this particular term, you’ll get the Chef’s handpicked selection of what is the freshest produce on that day and bonus, you’ll sound like a total foodie who knows what they’re talking about.

The first part of the word ‘mori’ is translated into presentation or to match, mix or pair something and when it comes to Japanese cuisine, these guys sure do know how to pair their kingfish with their salmon roe. Not only are Moirawase dishes a mix of mouth-watering morsels and perfectly paired pieces of deliciousness, they’re visually pleasing too, bringing a whole new connotation to the word platter. When it comes to deciphering a Japanese menu, interpreting and understanding of their descriptive words will mean everything when ordering. But don’t despair at the thought because we’ve got a few terms you can learn before your next lunch break at your local Japanese spot.

Look for this word if you want to try a selection of different varieties of something eg. sashimi

This section of the menu will help explain the different types of fresh seafood available on that day

Deep fried meats such as the commonly known Japanese deep fried chicken aka chicken Katsu

Grilled or pan fried dishes

You’ll be ordering like a Japanese Cuisine Connoisseur in no time with these handy words up your sleeve! Try some delicious Moirawase dishes over at Mokoto Bento at Chatswood Interchange.