What Fish For Which Dish?

27 March, 2020

Whether you’re a lover of all things oceanic or your wanting to dip your toe into eating healthier options, we have the perfect fish that will go best with each dish. According to Australia’s leading health research body, The National Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) suggests Aussies should be eating more fish. Adding fish into your diet and eating it on a regular basis may reduce the risk of disease ranging from cardiovascular disease to childhood asthma! Fish is super nutritious in protein, zinc, iodine, selenium and Vitamin A & D as well as being rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have a whole list of health benefits just on their own! We’ve got some simple handy tips for what fish works best with which dish you can get straight to cooking without the guess work!

BBQ or Grill it, Grab a Fish Fillet!

When it comes to choosing fish to BBQ or grill, you’re going to want to choose a relatively firm fish that will hold its shape and not crumble to pieces the moment you flip it. Some of our BBQ faves include Swordfish, Salmon, Tuna Steaks and Snapper. Each of these fabulous fish can withstand the high and intense heat of the BBQ or grill. For those who love a more intense and rich flavour, opt for Salmon (skin on is our fav as it crisps up beautifully on the BBQ) or try tuna with its distinct flavour and thick hearty texture. For those wanting a more mild flavoured fish, both Swordfish & Snapper are more subtle in flavour and are a great option when first introducing fish into your diet.

Soups, Stews & Fishy Brews

Getting this one right can be a bit touch and go. For all things stewed, you don’t want super firm fish that will taste dry, chunky and chewy… however on the same note, you don’t want fish that will disintegrate into a mushy mess. Shell fish is perfect for soups and stews as they’re often added with the shell on, sheltering them from turning into sludge. If its fish you prefer then a firm fish is best for these types of brewed dishes. Flathead, ling, leatherjacket and whiting are all great choices. If you’re knocking up a fish curry, its best to choose fish with a bolder flavour so the curry doesn’t overpower the dish entirely. Swordfish, tuna and mackerel make for great curry companions.

Keep It Lean – Bake or Steam

This type of cooking is probably the most delicate way to cook fish and while it’s an awesome healthy way of cooking fish, you want to make sure you add lots of flavour to your dish in order for it to not come out tasting boring and bland. The best method we’ve tried is to place your fish in a foil parcel along with herbs and spices of your choice, and pop them in the oven to be cooked in their little present-like packages. This method keeps the fish moist and allows the flavours to infuse into the fish whilst cooking. Cod, red snapper and tilapia work really well for steamed fish dishes. Order your fish for delivery in your next grocery shop for a flavoursome and healthy dish everyone is sure to enjoy!